01 August 2008


direct from the epicenter....

Hi Brian greetings from California!!! 

How are things ? I love your blog. You are seriously the only 'foreigner' that really knows the real deal about stupid Philippine society...I'm so glad I don't hang out in those circles even though I could have chosen to. They were just so pretentious and nasty, especially DJ Montano who I met in a few years ago, who didn't give me the time of day- until someone mentioned my last name. Har har surprise surprise. Anyway, I was trying to post this comment about the Joji Dingcong blog but here it is...

Oh my God. Finally people that share my thoughts on Joji Dingcong! Every time I see that disgusting creature in public I really want to throw up. I thought I was the only one!!! I went to I.S.M. (International School Manila) and met this guy through batch mate Borgy, who would hang out with Joji and Tim Yap for free food and drinks, go figure he was always broke during high school days and rode on the Marcos name for ass-kissers like Joji and Tim who would treat him out. To be fair though Borgy was a nice kid. Anyways back to Joji, during one of the numerous nights he would cling on to Borgy, he was out with us at club Orange (dunno if that's still open) and he kept hitting on our friend's boyfriend *Nate*, buying him drinks and food etc. Nate has a high alcohol tolerance level and surprisingly after his 3rd drink he said he felt drugged and he couldn't even walk straight. His girlfriend also felt the same way. Joji drugged them both in an effort to distract the girl and drag the guy back to his apartment. (typical Joji fashion) A second story is about another friend from school and he thought Joji was nice and cool so he went to Joji's house because Joji said that he needed to pick up something. He started commenting on my friend's denims and asked if he wanted to trade with his 'expensive ones'. Joji started taking his jeans off in front of him and then my friend freaked out. Kinda funny, but true. Ok the third story is ANOTHER classmate of mine and he didn't go into the details because he was really upset and disturbed. He is straight, and he said Joji kept buying him drinks and thinking he was drunk, Joji made the moves and tried to make out with him and my friend said "fuck this shit!!" and shoved him. I swear to God, those are true stories which were said to me by the people that were victimized themselves. Speaking of child molesters another "talent agent" by the name of EDDIE BOY BELLOSILLO is another child molester. He claims to be all religious but really he is a child predator. I would know because he tried to molest me and my best friend when we were 13 and doing VTR's (screen tests). We cursed him out years later and never spoke to him again...disgusting. Thanks for reading!! and I love this blog it really tells the truth about the evilness and shallowness of Philippine society.

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