01 August 2008

Imelda Rushed Overseas to sell HER GOLD

ferdinand marcos never looked better

Dear Brian,

I am an avid follower of your blog... I am so glad to have you do all these things... here in my class, we have around a hundred students from different parts of the world... we study different cultures, different issues, and of course we have different views... I would be introducing your blog to them when in the fullness of time...

I would like you to know I am glad, and fully support everything you do. You are doing a favor not only for me but also for my poor family and clan back in the province. Many Filipinos like my family are really hoping and praying to open up every Filipinos mind for change... I have this passion for my countrymen... I was abused when I was a kid, I was oppressed by poverty and corruption, I am depressed about all these things going on back home... and many of us (kids in the country side) still are being abused (literally child abuse by uncles, teachers...) Someday I wanna do a study and survey about the abuses in schools and homes particularly in the country sides.

Brian, the Roman Catholicism in the Philippines is the number one factor why Philippines is poor. Second are the greedy rich group of people like Chinese, group of companies like ABS-CBN, and groups of evil like the Arroyo's, Estrada's, and Marcos's... I have been studying a thesis about all these things... Brian, thank you... you are a hero... someday, we will sing a song for such a hero like you... we are blessed to have you. GO ON! Fighting!

imelda praying for more diamonds

Last time, the bitch Imelda was given a chance to travel abroad (particularly in HK for medical purposes) but I know it's all lie...(last year, 2007, it so happen that time I was in HK... staying somewhere in the exclusive village of Kowloon-Tong... where I met the Japanese businessmen whom Imelda has indirect (since it's Imelda's attorney who is dealing with) business deal of importing golds... this Japanese businessmen told us everything... Marcos's are still holding the Philippines wealth. I don't know how to stop them. Sometimes we feel hopeless... but you made something Brian...you changed someone and something.

here they are Imelda......

from a friend, ******* ********
Dear Friend,

I don't want a song. I'm not a hero of any sort. I'm just a blogger who really truly loves and cares for the Philippines. The soft, innocent, venerable, malleable minds of the majority truly are the victims of the Catholic Church and the Philippines media, primarily ABS-CBN. But keep 'praying' and I'm sure God will fix everything. Because the government is just the most corrupt load of shit on the treadmill.


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