01 August 2008

Torture Marcos Style

Imelda and Ferdinand.......they really were very evil

Tools of torment

A January 1986 report by the Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, World Council of Churches, in Geneva, Switzerland (Background Information on Human-Rights Violations in the Philippines), listed the common methods of torture practiced in the Philippines:

I wonder if any of these torture methods are still being used. Or was it just a 'Marcos thing', as many have said?

• The “ashtray”—Burning the skin, usually the face, neck and abdomen, with cigarette butts.

• Pulling off fingernails—Sometimes the finger is afterward dipped in acidic solution.

• The pompyang (cymbals), known in other countries as el telefono or golpes de campaña—Slapping of both ears simultaneously, often rupturing the eardrums if done repeatedly or with great force.

• The water cure, also known as “Nawasa” (the former acronym of the waterworks system)—Pouring gallons of water into the victim’s mouth and nostrils, inducing a feeling of drowning. Sometimes the torturer covers the victim’s face with a piece of cloth or a towel and uses muddy water. Other times, he uses carbonated drinks instead of water.

• “Wet submarine”—Submerging the victim’s head in water or in a soiled toilet bowl. The effect is similar to the water cure.

• “Dry submarine”—Covering the victim’s head with a plastic or cellophane bag, causing suffocation.

• Electric shock, also known as “Meralco” (the electric service company)—Applying to the victim’s body, usually the genitals, electric prods or wire attached to ordinary household current.

• Russian roulette—Spinning the cylinder of a revolver loaded with a single bullet, usually a dud, and pulling the trigger the moment it stops.

• Rape and sexual abuse in the treatment of women detainees.

• Solitary confinement—Isolating the prisoner in a cell, usually cramped and poorly ventilated. Social contact even with fellow inmates is forbidden. Some detainees were in extremely prolonged military detention.

• Psychological or mental torture—This is said to be one of the worst forms of torture. The victim is told that if he does not cooperate with the torturers, harm will come to his family, for example his wife will be raped or the children killed. Psychological pressure may also involve convincing detainees that they have already been abandoned by their family or have been implicated by their friends.

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