31 July 2008

Dear Constance

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Dear Readers,

Everyone already knows that Constance Brooke Pendleton is my favorite writer in Manila.
Kitty is more of an international writer, and she is also my favorite. But Constance has been with me (her column) for much longer.
I think CBP's column could translate extremely well in many other countries.
CBP never lets me down. Her 'back page' article deserves a blog to accompany it.
I've begged Constance to open a blog. Her column has been an inspiration to me for almost a year now, and I know if she ever started a blog... it could be a KILLER.

But I'm afraid dear Constance is far too busy for that, I'm told.
Unlike Raul Manzano, who was of course suzihopper. The ultimate traitor of Manila society.
Trash those you hate, and praise those you love. But mostly trash. And did he trash.
Divide and conquer society from the belly outwards.
As slippery as the lining of a sheeps gut if you ask me.

But Raul Manzano was and IS still a 'part' of society, and for trashing it in his gossip blog , one would think ala Dominick Dunne, that there would be a period of 'black listing' for Raul.
But society needs him so much that he dusted himself off and kept on walking.
I saw no one 'flipping' out when they found out that he was S.Hopper.
I still don't see anyone really caring.
Just like Joji and Jojo.
No one really cares.
Everything is sacrificed in Manila.
Even young kids.

So why did some care so much about CT?
Is it because the blog was always right?
And that was freaking people out?
CT closing was very sad.
But Social Sheriff is just around the corner.
And justice will be served, cold with no plate.
Bang bang!

Now CT was treated much differently then S Hopper.
And why this is, will be addressed in the future.

I would have liked Raul better for being S. Hopper if he was not biting the exact hand that feeds him.
And keeps his fat stomach full of free food and booze.
I mean seriously Raul. You suffer from 'corporate bloat' mate. You look like a coronary waiting to happen. Go to the gym... all of you.
I see the pictures of you all sucking it in with your blood shot noses and the thin skin on your faces. You may be a lucky fat fag now Raul, but in ten years mate, you will look shocking from all the booze.
MS does not lie.
Even though Maurice Arache is photo shopped to within an inch of his very very long life.
When will Maurice finally LAY DOWN? For goodness sakes he already looks completely embalmed.

Raul will keep flying around sucking up ex deals like they're going out of style.
It good for him that he has this job, because from what I hear, he's battling his family for mere pesos from its estate. The fact that Raul only has a scratchlings in the bank will only solidify his position in Manila until he dies. Because he will NEVER go until he is either fired (would never happen) or dies from a heart attack.

Karma really is a bitch Raul.

And because Constance knows EVERYONE, she already has to walk the edge with no balancing pole. So no blog for her.
Sad but true.

I've also read almost every archived article she has written for Metro Society.
Constance was the first person to out DJ Montano as 'the' scammer.
Although his name was Mr. Ka-cheapen in her articles, we all knew who she was talking about.
My ex boyfriend, DJ Montano, the biggest scammer ever in my books.

I want to thank all my blog friends who have sent the MS articles to me over the months.
I don't mind scans, so please keep sending me things. I love it.
But I still have to bitch a bit.
I think its a disgrace how little of the magazines content is available on line. Raul should look at the Vanity Fair website and learn a few things. It really pisses me off how prehistoric the entire operation at MS is. I personally think Raul is a crap editor. Its like he is terrified that someone is actually going to read something for free.
I remember going to a thingy in Manila, and some chick tried to give me a 'comp' copy of MS. I told her no thanks, I had already bought one.
You know.... PAID!
A language totally foreign to most there that night.

I'm still waiting for the last issue with the three men on it. UHG!
I also love the new issue with the arts/charity theme, although, it should be made MUCH larger on the cover.
It's almost like they are embarrassed to have the words on the cover. The chick on the cover is gorgeous and I'm sure she wouldn't have minded if the print was bigger and bolder. You can hardly see it.

Even though I truly hate Manila's 'high' society (for sooooo many reasons), I love this magazine so much. I have learned a million and one things from MS. Good but mostly bad. I wonder if the editor Raul Manzano knows just how much he contributes to my blog with his magazine. And a couple others too. I'm just preparing my entries now on the latest two issues.

I know some people never want me to get my hands on MS. So I've organized privately to have them sent to me in Canada from now on.
Yes it costs money, but I have to keep up with what's going on in Manila and the rest of the Philippines as well.
So next time you smile for one of Manilas leachy social climbing wannabe photographers, your picture just might end up on the blog. I'm already having a hard time choosing who and what to discuss from this latest issue.

Thanks again Constance. Your column is great.
Charity ROCKS!

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