30 July 2008


Hi brian... I wasn't able to finish this on time for my exhibit last july3 ... But I hope you like it. This is from a picture where you had a barong on, I hope it will remind you of good memories :)

oh yeah, I'll try to send this the soonest i make more money (or get employed) from the sales of my paintings. If you can give me a forwarding address, I'll send this to you rolled up (unless you have a friend in the
Philippines that i can drop this to in Manila).

Anyway, I'd like to remain anonymous, but my heart goes to you, since
I've been in the same predicament before (with a lover that fleeced me with a substantial amount of money). I am glad that you're still fighting, and hoping...

I hope all works out the best!

god bless!


Dear readers,

I'm overwhelmed to say the least with this beautiful painting.
If you're able to buy a painting from an artist, then go ahead.
Any artist.
For as much or as little as you can afford.
Please support the arts.
Without them, we're all dead inside.
And they don't eat.

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