30 July 2008

ABS-CBN........the REAL Cull-Prits

Manny Villar, little Tito & Erap

Dear readers,

This was sent to me today. I read it. And I read it again. And I liked it very much. Bravo to the bravery.
I'm not sure who the writer is, but I love this message.

The real reason why the Philippines is poor…

I now know the culprit. I believe many Filipinos, especially the thinking ones, have noticed this already. It is ABS-
CBN or the Lopezes. Look at what is happening now. GMA is doing a decent job, open your eyes. But the Lopezes & their media companies wouldn’t stop sparking chaos. Watch ABS-CBN news, listen to its radio programs, you’ll never experience a more biased media company in the world! And why are they doing this? Because of personal connections…family. Why are they bugging GMA now? Because a Lopez is married to Erap’s daughter. Because they are family-friends with the Villars (wishing to replace GMA). What else is new? Why do they like Cory? Because Cory gave Meralco to them for free, even when they already sold it to Marcos & a government cooperative (at their idea themselves).

CBN is a master at conning the Filipino masses. Look at their showbiz talk shows. All are publicity gimmicks. Unknown actors get talked about for nothing just because they have upcoming tv shows on the network or movie by Star Cinema. They are masters of tricking the Filipino masses who are mostly ill-witted (sad to say). And all for personal gain. Look at the show Wowowee where plenty has died on the stampede. Joey de leon was correct in saying the Wowowee tv host should not have a selling point “this is the way to get rich.” How will you ever get rich if you spend everyday falling in line to join tv show contests hoping to win a million? But they get away with it because they own the media. Another ‘news’ I saw on their nightly news program is a little girl who committed suicide & the headline was “it is the fault of the government because they are poor.” What is the connection? Instilling these thoughts to the people will only make them poorer (no sense of accountability).

The constant provoking of the masses to complain to the government about everything that is wrong with their life is more & more increasing the ‘poor’ mentality. That nothing is my fault. That I am poor not because I do not like working, not because I’m idle all day, not because I did not want to go to school but because the government is not giving me food, house, everything I want.

How will we ever have a ‘consistent’ economic growth if
every time the government is run by a non-Lopez crony ABS & other Lopez-owned media companies will go haywire? How will the Philippines ever get better? When will Juan dela Cruz, especially the pitiful ‘masses’ ever learn???

Additional thoughts:
Glorietta explosion, US, Australia & all other country experts have investigated & concluded that it was an accident caused by the mall’s negligence. But media insisted it is the President who bombed the mall. Very off, very insane statement. But investigation did not further. Now malls & establishment owners can be as careless & negligent as they want. Only in the Philippines.
- Is it good that the biggest media company is not actually giving us real news? Just
politicking? I think not!

tintin velasquez
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