14 August 2008

Deep Fried and CRUNCHY!

our home made banana fritters... the BEST!!!!


OMG, I've received over eight hundred e mails in three hours since closing the blog so and I need to stop the flow.
I'm sorry that some people did not know that I would be closing the blog for a routine 'cleansing'.
The blog will be closed for 48 hours for its six month maintenance check.
Yesterday was my 500th post and I feel the need to change a few things.
I'll be revealing a new fresh look blog which I'm excited about.
So I have to turn the blog off while I do it, which will take me a couple of days of tinkering. I want to make sure it looks extra swell for my haters who buried me five months ago.
So please bare with me and I will be back ASAP.


crunchy on the outside, and AMAZING on the inside
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