14 August 2008

Thank You Jackie and JM

jm rodrigues tells the truth.. at last

from Victorina blog on my favorite list

I was courteously asked last night by a young, decent man, JM Rodriguez- why I involve myself in the Gorrell fiasco. His rhetorical wit and fervor in trying to persuade me of my peccadillo was quite impressive. “Why can’t we all just be friends?” said the man. “It is not your fight, why involve yourself?” Though his wiles were a bit shy of probity, it still made me think. Mind you, I love people who can make me think.

Hmmm…Oh yes, I could go with the flow, and perhaps enjoy the perquisite of hobnobbing and carousing with the brat pack. I could even be the next “IT” boy. Who knows; they might even grant me access to the coveted VVVVIP. But, sorry JM, these mundane proclivities totally bore me.

Well, to make the long story short, our tête-à-tête reminded me of the first Gentleman’s infamous words at Wack Wack country club when he faced the young De Venecia; Back Off- But in a very tactful way (JM's smile is always refreshing). We parted ways and he threw me a sincere question. If your brother committed a crime, would you get involved? Honestly, if I saw my brother commit the same felony, I would strangle him with my bare hands!

The world-wide-web had indeed taken news gathering on a more cavernous level of significance. The five W’s (what, who, where, when and why) are no longer adequate. In this internet age, what is needed is to venture into the realm of inferences and opinions. I thank the young man for his insights but my heart really BLED with what he narrated to me. This piece of information should have come out from the very beginning!

That fateful night at the Makati Police Station, while Gorrell was being questioned by the police, a certain Jackie Cohen-Antonio opened DJ Montano’s bag that was inside DJ's car . Apparently, she saw the missing CASH stashed inside the bag that was taken from Gorrell’s safe according to JM Rodriguez. “That was when the Gucci Gang opted not to be part of the fiasco anymore and leave the scene.” He further added. “The others don’t want to be involved.” Of course Gorrell was left with the police, were Gorrell claimed was taken to an ATM machine and was asked for more cash.

“I wanted to die, when I closed the door of my hotel.” Says Gorrell

...... this is very true.

jackie and myself in Manila

Now dear readers, I have always known that DJ stole my 250,000 pesos from the hotel safe in the Intercontinental Hotel, along with my most expensive 'coveted' possessions. We were the only two in the room. And I didn't steal them.

To remind you, he also stole my plane ticket to Boracay, my baptism certificate, my passport, my brand new 'dream' shoes from Yoji which cost me 500 dollars. He also stole my duty free which was valued at 800 dollars. My necklace cost 1800 dollars and is irreplaceable and was a gift from my mother. And yes, he stole my teeth whitening kit which I dreamt of owning. hahahaha. Its shallow but I love my smile! And I am not rich. These things were items I would never normally buy. DJ took it all.

Not excluding my 70,000 dollars, this was the BIG slap in my face.
I gave him everything he ever wanted. And that's what I got in return.

I really
adored Jackie. I mean, I really liked her soooo much.
The pain I went through that night was unbearable though and I can never forget it.
Jackie knows. She saw it. She was there.
Losing my few 'friends' that I thought I had made in Manila, ripped me to shreds and left me totally fucked up. And broke.
I begged her for help. I begged Celine.
But they both washed their hands of it.

And me.

For the people who don't believe my claims against DJ Montano, I can't help you anymore. I've killed myself over this deep inside and I have lost so much already.
I have always stood proud because I have truth on my side.

But I am
very relieved that JMR has come forward with this information.
Jackie saw my money, but she also watched it drive away with the criminal.
And then she went home to sleep.
At the same time my life was being destroyed in front of my eyes in the Makati police station where I was indeed extorted from.

Jackie, it hurt so much to never speak to you again.
I never meant to hurt you Jackie.
But you hurt me more than anyone ever has.
Because you KNEW DJ stole my money.

And you did nothing.

And JM, WHY did it take you so long to say something?
I hope your mates help you if you are ever in trouble.
And I hope they do it before six months pass dear.

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