15 August 2008

Bonny and Clyde in CANADA

bonny and clyde.. bang bang!!!

Dear Readers,

Apart from Aurora and Benjie being in Canada, I'm feeling great today. So much news hitting my mail box lately. First the JMR and Jacks bombshell, now this. I never know what or who will send me something overnight.
I love the TEAM BRIAN covert spy ops program too. Eyes and ears everywhere.
We currently have our TB agents in a handful of countries. But more pop up as the blog hits new heights. You have to laugh.
We have them everywhere now. People willing to keep an eye out or an ear open for news that may help me keep track of peoples places and things.
I've been called a rogue blogger more than once now and I almost like that.

It's the 'principle' said she.... how right you we're Aurora

I never tire of watching this notorious video clip of the disgraced Montano/Laurel oldies lying their guts out on lovely
Korina's show. People have said Korina was not harsh enough but I disagree. I think she asked the squeamish questions quite well. They're just pro's at deflection and spin. Hurling religion out there as some kind of caustic smoke screen to hide behind.
Lets not forget that Aurora should be in prison.
I still find it hard to believe they're speaking about me though.
It's still surreal.

The Philippines Bonny and Clyde aka Aurora Montano and Benjie Laurel are in the great country of Canada at the moment. They're on the other side of the country in British Columbia, but we are on the same land nonetheless.
In MY country!
I would do ANYTHING to have an audience with the great Aurora Montano. I would love to look her in the eyes and tell her what her son truly is. But she's afraid of me, because she knows she'll have to look into truth for once in her much controversial and now very sullied life. I reported last week that she has money problems and struggled with airfares. I mean.....
Aurora's afraid of looking at me because she knows deep down what her son has done. And secretly, I know she is ashamed for him and herself too. Her 'Christian" heart should dictate that she be. She threatened to tell Immigration that I was HIV positive when I demanded my money back from her son. SHE is the one who became involved. I have my own history with that fucking bitch Aurora. She's enemy#3.

My deliciously curvaceous Canadian spy (yes she is a Filipina too) told me they are in Vancouver, visiting Benjie's daughter from his first marriage. We're trying to find out her location because I would love to speak with her. I've sent Aurora my phone number many times, but alas, no call from the official Grandmother of all Scams.

Now they're visiting DJ's step sister who was married last year at Fridays on Boracay.
DJ was in charge.
DJ still owes them a few hundred thousand pesos from that wedding.
He won't pay.
He owes millions to others.
Millions to me.
He even owes deceased people money!
He's fled the country.
And some people are VERY pissed off with him.
And yet some still support the crook. Even with JMR's declaration regarding my stolen money, some will still choose DJ over me. They say great minds think alike.

I'm told DJ spent seven years avoiding people he owes money to, by jumping into his cheap car and scurrying off into the darkness which we all know is where he resides. I've heard all the stories now about him. DJ Montano is one pshycotic whack job.

Now enough people have written to tell me the DJ has moved on to San Diego for me to take it seriously. But this is OK because I have three
GREAT friends there too.
Apparently San Francisco
was not doing it for him. I wonder why?
Oh well, San Diego is just another city for me to familiarize myself with.

And mention on the blog.


Honestly, you have to laugh. If this was happening to you, I hope you would continue to fight until you feel vindicated by your actions. But also see some humor in it.
I'm nearly there.
But not quite.

Don't turn your back on your friends when they need you.
You will need friends one day too.
And I hope you'll have them there at your side.


Dear readers,

Just imagine if I'd given up long ago.
Walked away and let this slide.
Some people are still writing, telling me to stop whining, whinging, moaning, complaining , being a victim(?) and so on. To move on and blah blah blah. Same stuff, different month.
I'm not a victim nor have I ever been one. A person who fights back is NOT a victim. He or she is a fighter. And that's what I really am. A fighter. Not at all a victim. It's ok if some want to see me in this light.
I know, feel and trust that I'm safe and secure within myself and ready for my future like never before.

I am enlightened , empowered and very much in love.
My soul is balanced and my heart is packed full of goodness and hope.
My partner assures me that I am good and great.
My mother assures me that I am loved.
My Queen assures me that I am adored.
Others may feel differently about me.
It's a free world.
Feel away.

DJ is the true victim in this 'fiasco' which is what Amiel called it in his latest article (amazing, thank you Victorina). DJ owns everything that this blog is and represents. Without DJ, none of this would have occurred. The disgraced Montano clan should have just paid it back. But his 'I am a Montano' fantasy/allusion/dreamland prevents him from being a real decent man. The family history is littered with questionable figures, of which none left a real impact on the country. Only the General is remembered. The dead father is not. And DJ will be remembered for his crimes for the rest of his life.
I love that.

DJ is his own worst victim.

So don't hate the messenger haters.
Hate the message.
Get it right please. I'm bored with the haters and their insolence and depravities. GO be bored somewhere else. My wonder woman 'new and much improved' deflection bracelets are full proof now. Ching ching ching off the wrists.

For me, it's the shear lack of commitment to the blogs deeper core issues by many which ultimately drive the blog and it's crystal clear message forward to my readers and beyond. I care so much about about justice, however achieved, except of course violence of any sort or kind. I ABHOR violence.
Unless it's you or him. THEN scratch out the eyes!

When denied the 'court house' form of justice (for many reasons you will find if you happen to be a foreigner in the Philippines), one is left to their own devices and nobody knows how you would behave or react, when pushed to the extreme limits of your comprehension, tolerance and acceptance. You may pin me down on the floor for a few seconds, but I'll find a way to kick you in the balls, so as to stand tall once again. I do not lose the battles I choose to wage. I can always find the balls. Gay-dar.

Some have underestimated my calculations and abilities from day one and many continue to do so foolishly. Part and parcel I suppose. But they still read the blog. My enemies are fans too.

I've achieved a marvelous balance in my life now, so it's almost cathartic to have the blog. What will the end be? I still don't know. Will I ever recover my money? I don't know. None of us know anything for certain. And I like that. It keeps us on our toes.
But It's my life and I'll live it the way I see fit.
If people want to follow my journey on the blog and read what I have to say, well I'm more then happy with that. Pleased as punch that I'm not alone in this and perhaps even helping others while I'm at it.
Don't forget,there is a wedding coming up.
And my mom and I will do a video blog in a few days.
I can't wait for you all to meet my great mom.
She really is a hoot!

And for the people who continue with their feeble attempts to undermine me and my truth, I'll always be able to stand straight and rigid in the face of your stupidity.
But you are welcome to read the blog as well.
The more the merrier.

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