15 August 2008

I love You Too

LOVE...........what does it all mean?

Of course this week Kitty Go has stumbled upon the same interesting observation as I did regarding over paid celebrity blow ins and the Manila locals who they end up 'loving' before their departure. And as for this picture some have picked up on my subtle form of sarcasm. For the people who thought that I was actually at this event? Um, I'm in Canada.
Read the blog please.

I mean last week, many people were 'instructed' to remove pictures of DVT from their blogs????? NO cameras allowed? No film? Have you looked on the internet?
Google the hottie stripper.
I'm afraid poor Dita has lost her battle with the over exposed image gods. She has no ultimate control (nor does her manager) over anything really. The fan sites for DVT are loaded with saucy shots that makes her look well rather slutty (which I LOVE by the way, hehehe)
When I posted my tongue and cheek picture of Deeta Von Blah Blah Blah,it was all in fun. (courtesy of Jenni's Eps Multiply blog)(because DTV really does love Jenni according to this heart shaped sign, and I love DVT, even when she was with spooky Marilyn Manson) Wow, so much love going around. I'm feeling a bit dizzy.

Having the beautiful Dita holding a 'I love Brian' sign, was to prove a point. What does it mean when you coerce a famous person to lose, for one quick second all their dignity, and manage to get them to hold up a sign declaring their love for you?
I want to thank the people who understood my statement by playing with an already ludicrous image in order to personalise it for my own needs. Just to prove a point.

And some of my readers thought I had been 'tricked' and sent the photo. I can assure you, I've been thinking of this issue for some time and the past week gave me the excuse I needed to write about it. Go Dita! You get paid girl! Work it!

Since the beginning of the blog, many people have sent in pics like these. Hundreds in fact. I chose to avoid 'real people' photos promoting their support for me for many reasons. But many people really wanted to be on a blog so a few got through and made people feel good.... at the beginning.
Like the Western Union guys. Hilarious!
And the little sleeping babies.

Anyone can photo shop their whatever on whatever and voila, you're loved too!
Manila love. Fake. Shallow. One dimensional. Vicious.
And yes Kitty is right, people have been doing this hold up an 'I love ____ sign' for a while now.
BB invented it years ago.
It's not original to copy, (nothing really is) and shows a certain lack of class and a certain amount of desperation in some cases.

I can assure you that no one in the Philippines invented this trend except BB.
Let's leave the 'I love you ____' signs to him and Perez Hilton shall we?


remember the WU guys... hilarious

On another note, Kitty has announce the title of her third book which is sure to be another #1 best seller.
You'll have to visit her blog though to find out what it is. Can't tell everything on this blog.

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