17 August 2008

Nothing Ordinary

from Ordinary Reportage Blog (Favorite list)

My inbox is something I DO NOT CHECK often. Yesterday however after two days of NOT blogging here I was amused over a letter that asked me in effect : “Why Do I Give Credence to Anything Brian Gorrell Says? “. Of course, dear Smoothie, I was too busy to reply to your email. I am not an email person. I love Skype better and NO, I won’t give you my number!

Maybe I don’t believe everything Brian G says BUT when there’s smoke, there’s FIRE. I find that Brian has to let go of “raw” and “real” rage and I find that healthy rather than shooting anyone. YES, I have communicated with Brian via YM and if there is ANYTHING I can comprehend, it is a man (or woman) who has been betrayed and who NEEDS to let go of his rage. Rage is GOOD. Brian did not at all give me the impression that he was just one of those psychotics on the web who had no LOGICAL reason to get MAD. He was BETRAYED and the sanguine state of his very soul is something that YOU and anyone can ever KNOW, so we have no right to judge.

The easiest thing is to cry out that Brian is UNFILIPINO… but who cares? Is he not telling the whole world what’s WRONG with Philippine society ? WHY should we be so sensitive about that? I’ll tell you WHY — because it’s the TRUTH!

Brian doesn’t HIT the “balut vendor” or someone who normally does what it takes to actually survive and live. He tells on people who have put on masks and facades of “goodness” , “religiousity”, supposed good repute, when what are these people really? Unproductive members of the society who take drugs, kill, make trouble for OTHERS and who think that they are God’s GIFT to Philippine society. I can’t say I hate them because I feel that one must deserve my hate.. but how can one, in all good judicial sense, actually OPPRESS a person sick with AIDS? Christians! ARE YOU ALL FOR REAL or does your Christianity END in Church? Please do not give me the bulls**t that Brian’s blog “HURTS” other people because most of the people he presumably “hurt” should have PAID him BY NOW if they cared that much about their “good” (hahahahahah!) repute. Instead, they probably have this warped sense of WANTING to be FAMOUS which is why they MAY EVEN LOVE Brian’s blog “in secret.” At least, they can play the victim for once in their pathetic and SPOILED lives!
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