13 August 2008

DJ and Celine... BFF

Marcel Crespo, Celine and DJ... BFF


Just wanted to let you know there was a Celine sighting in San Francisco today. Downtown, shopping. With a girl. Not with DJ though. Just to let you know pretty much the Filipino population in that area are aware of her presence and people who do know about your blog want to alert you, but they're a bit scared to share the information. She's been in the area for quite some time now and while there has also been sightings of DJ no one has yet to see them out together. But obviously they're on speaking terms if they're in the same town at the same time.

So PLEASE PLEASE don't publish my last name

Julie in

Thanks Julie.

I always knew that Celine would stay friends with DJ Montano. I know Celine suffers with her low self esteem, as well as her horse breath. If she had no money, she would be nothing but a puff of dirty air in polluted Beijing. It's all a big joke to her. Why? Because she knew DJ's history with theft and embezzlement and told me she would kill him if he fucked up again with me. What a joke. DJ is the only person who will have her now. Two peas in the same rotten pod.  She takes comfort with another addict who also lived in a fantasy world.  They are one in the same and drug addicts always take comfort in the company of other drug addicts.  Celine Lopez is nothing but a liar. At this point it no longer matters because she is who she is and she has to live with that. People are not fooled any more. They know she's trash. And everyone knows that DJ is a crook.

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