13 August 2008

Smoke = Fire

Riding the subway in the great city of Toronto

Dear Readers,

Before the blog closes down for maintenance, I feel the need to comment briefly on the new wave of hate blogs (one entry only blogs) designed to de stabilize my web presence and the credibility of this blog. This of course would never happen. I'm not sure who these 'brain cell-less people' are, but it's truly hilarious at this point. 

I imagine these hater blog creators (some actually called that!) boiling up inside to the point where they take the time to start a single entry blog (?)....and for what? Who are they defending? Is it because I'm not a Pinoy? Gay? Gorgeous? hahahahaha. Which one! They need to get a life. And quick.
And you know what readers? I've not received any hate via my personal e mail since starting this blog. They love writing the vile anonymous comments (which never get through because my secretary/therapist is FIERCE!). But they're scared to death to write me personally. Gutless scardy cats. They hate me but they love me too. Manila=scardy cats. All talk with no walk. Just like DJ 'We're going to take it all the way' Montano. Smoke and mirrors.
Some of these knuckle draggers think it's clever to create blogs in my name. There are about twenty now on last count. I couldn't give a care in the world, because this blog will always be the 'papa' blog. I consider this flattery actually. What else can I do? I can't control the hate of others. It bothered me some before at the beginning, but not any more. I'm protected from the ridiculousness by my first line of defence. 
I created this blog in DJ Montano's name because it truly is his blog.  He stole my money, so he can go fuck himself. I'm coming for you mate!
He deserved and still deserves this blog. For those of you who think that DJ is having the last laugh.... oh how wrong you are. I have an insider who tells me what is REALLY going on with his family.  And for the people who hate me for this reason or that...keep it up because it's the fuel I need to continue. 
I'm going to San Francisco soon. I will try to find DJ. And I will not be alone. People should know I have friends there now and I know more about DJ then he thinks. Yes he may think he can explain away this blog to others who will eventually ask him because he is a very smooth liar. But the truth about him will be here always.
And I WILL get my money back.
Trust me.
There will always be a 'mark' for him to find, finesse and eventually sponge dry in San Francisco. But at least I did my best to fight and warn others about my experience and struggles and what I believe in. The fact that the blog branched out the way it did, is only natural. And people have to deal with it.

DJ hates this blog, just like his family does. I'm not Filipino so I don't fall for the' we are above this' crap that so many in 'HIGH society' propose. It kills them to the bone deep down. DJ's reputation (tattered to start with) is destroyed now. People will always remember him as a thieving crook and his mother Aurora Montano-Laurel as his teacher. And for all the other people who claim to wash this off them are also telling fibs. Aurora Montano has been 'cast out'. And others are also paying the price. I have my spies. No amount of spin and deflection will alter nature course. The writing is on the wall for some. Its more like a scribble though.

Some people want me to just go away.
Some others would love me to get hit by a truck.
And some would love to be the one driving that truck. Hahahahahaha.
Some threaten my life and when I mention this, others write comments telling me to stop 'flattering' myself. That I'm nothing in the Philippines.
Why do these people care so much then?
Why bother if I am nothing?

One text, chikka, skype, YM, phone call (or present which I received today )from my boyfriend makes me feel like the king of the world. I am deeply loved and feel it every second of every day.
In fact I'm surrounded by love, support and TRUE friendship.
And we all know this is sorely lacking in Manila.
I know the score. People turn faster then then a pancake in Manila.
NO loyalty whatsoever.
Just frenemies.

The haters who write immature, 'evil' comments should know that I do not read them, and have not read them for three months now, until they are approved by my girl. I've already stated this fact, but they keep writing them. Honestly, I am dealing with some monkeys here. People not yet fully evolved.

I have someone very special who approves or denies the comments for me, and I read them once they are posted like everyone else. I'm kept fully informed about everything that is going on. I couldn't possible read all the insane hate directed towards me. Yes, it may make you feel better, so by all means, hate away, but I will not read it as it bothers me to see how stupid some Filipinos can be. How truly ignorant and backwards the haters are. 
So haters, its a waste of your time really. But I understand that all you have is time. Its your destiny. A wasted useless destiny. 
I've been doing this long enough now to know who the haters are and what their objective is. I will never buckle under their shear stupidity. My blog support team has my back and always will. 


I know now that the blog has created a wide sweeping landscape of discussion and conversation in Manila and the Philippines. Good and bad. Good for me, bad for them. In six months since the blog began and 500 posts later, things have changed in many ways, for many people, myself included. No one has changed Manila or the Philippines, but in blog world, they have been altered a bit more towards reality. Just look around at what's going on. I love it. 
Yes at first the amount of hate bothered me, mostly because it was so misguided and really rather one dimensional and had no point to it really. But now, my acceptance of it empowers me daily. I find the humor in it now. It makes sense to me. The dark side has been a problem from day one. There is a devil lurking around every corner.

The first wave of hate which included Pussyprank and nurse spam and the giant moist Va jay jay(Beotch) is gone now. They all eventually fail for one reason or another. I have learned so much about human nature from being hated so much but certain people. They come for me and my blog, and they all crash and burn. No ego here peeps, just the truth. So I'm cool with the flip side. 

The hate blogs are rather funny too. Threatening to reveal all about me and others who support me. So typical. 
Go ahead! 
I know there's nothing 'secret' about me, so I have no fear. I laugh in the face of these retards who hide with their hate behind anonymous. They HATE that I am not afraid to do what I do. They WISH they could be me. I'm FREE to state my opinions and beliefs. These poor creatures have no idea and I feel both sorry for them and thankful to them, because they give my blog the food that it needs to grow and become better and more focused on the main game which they are not a player in.

So for the few losers who continue to create blogs in my name, go ahead. Write what you want about me. There's nothing to tell that I've not told already. The blog is six months old, and not one single thing has been 'revealed' about me. I'm clean as a whistle, and they know it. I tell my own secrets on this blog. I am fearless when it comes time to being judged. And others should be too. 

I want to thank my brilliant editor Jude for his help with my latest articles. Writing is now my passion and I will strive for my own excellence in this field. My creative writing course starts in five weeks, and my book is coming along great. It's funny I started one before the other. I've realized one important thing since I started writing for publications. There are deadlines. I work well under pressure and I'm proud of my recent pieces which were hardly edited at all. I write from a free place, beholden to no one person, place or thing. I would never sell my soul for an ex deal or trade off. My stories are not tinged with the subtle input of others. They are honest and simple and straight from my heart. Many people will disagree with my views, and that's wonderful. Debate is our third lung.


in charge at the family bbq... disaster 
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