08 August 2008

Dr. Vicky Belo?

vicky belo, giving her side of the story

Dear Readers,

I've received soooooo many e mails about Vicky Belo.
Almost fifty now. I'm overwhelmed.
Where is your medical degree from Vicky?
How did the Generals wife die on your operating table?
And why did she die? Any others?


How can you hire a KNOWN child victimizer like Joji Dingcong to throw your parties?
Have you no morals? You're like an alley cat love.
Stop stretching faces and start doing more CHARITY!

Also, don't you think its a tad crass to let everyone know you spent US200,000 to import a talent from overseas? That makes me sick to my stomach! I love Deeta too, but honestly Vicky... are you THAT special? Or just that rich? Or is it stupid.

Are you stupid Vicky?

So many little Imelda's in Manila.

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