09 August 2008

Vicky Belo... Cuts the Truth

nip, tuck, pull, suck, slice, fold, snip, staple, bruise, glamour, sad

Oh by the way... want to find out if the physician is a legitimate surgeon?

Please check the website of PHILIPPINE COLLEGE OF SURGEONS (PCS). The list of legitimate surgeons may be there or otherwise, contact their office which would definitely have a list of legitimate surgeons and their training hospitals.

Just to summarize what a specialist has to undergo to become duly recognized:

a. Licensed physician (having passed the examination of Philippine Regulatory Commission or PRC)
b. Has undergone the required number of years of training as dictated by the society in an accredited institution
Dermatology: 3 years (straight and not staggered)
Surgery: 4 - 5 years (straight and not staggered)

Now for a subspecialty training, each subspecialty has their own requirement. I don't think Plastic Surgery would be just 1 year. Requires more.
There are plenty subspecialties in Dermatology. It would be a minimum of 1 year.

c. Should have passed the specialty boards given by the society to make the member into a Diplomate, then later, a Fellow.
d. Should be
ethical (that itself has a lot of rules.. being ethical).....

vicky looking so wrecked

It's just sad that people are not aware of what we go through and therefore, the "fakes" are not weeded out.

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