03 August 2008

Gambling, Charity ...and a SQUABBLE? Oh Walden.

Another bowl of ass pudding I'm afraid.

Walden Sadiri

Q-11’s host (for "Living It Up") Tim Yap could be the Philippine representative in the upcoming Asian Poker Tournament if he learns the card game fast and if he wins in the upcoming Philippine Celebrity Charity Tournament to be held at the Embassy Supper Club.

"Matututo pa lang ako maglaro ng Poker. Hindi kasi ako marunong magsugal. Nagkataon lang na itong particular Poker Tournament which is another form of entertainment will be held here sa Embassy. That’s a great thing that we are hosting it," he said.

Other than learning to bluff, call or hit in a Poker game, what he is more focused on right now is beefing up his Embassy Super Club which was closed down for two weeks by the City of Taguig due to a reported squabble among its patrons. "We’ve been back and we are continuing our operations. We are in a period of transition. We doubled our security forces and we have installed security infrastructures and to make sure that Embassy Super Club is the safest and most fun place and that we are responsible people in this community," explained Tim.

According to Tim, when Embassy Super Club was closed, they took the time to fix their organization and system.

Charities that the City of Taguig will choose as the beneficiaries of the gaming tournament will be announced today, Aug. 3, the start of the event. Mike Cendana, PR man from PAGCOR, said other than the city government, some of the proceeds will benefit the "Sagip Musmos" program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

As for Tim and Embassy, he is confident that the Poker Tournament will be a memorable experience for everyone attending and playing. "We are working with the Taguig City Government closely to make sure that everything is okay…we’ll report nuinsance and violence to them so that we could assure na lahat will be safe; we’re abiding with the rules of the municipality while providing them the best party experience we can," reiterated Tim.

The Poker Breakout at The Embassy Super Club, in cooperation with PAGCOR and the City of Taguig, will be an eight week-long series poker events organized by the Philippine Poker Tour in partnership with the Asian Poker Tour starting today, at 7 p.m. The PPT Poker Tour Celebrity Charity Tournament’s Final Table Championship will be held on Sept. 21.

Dear Readers,

Gee what an complete ass hole this Walden Sadiri guy is. 
I would love to get Waldon alone in a room and tear him a new one.
This article about gambling at Embassy is a joke. 
A squabble Walden? A squabble? Did Embassy PAY you for this drivel?
HOW much is going to charity you air head? Did you ask? I mean, Walden, give it up man.
YOU are whats wrong with the Philippines media. Spinning shit in your ass licking articles, so what mate, you have access to the VVVVIP room to snort your cocaine?
Can't Tim afford his own PR for his club? 
This is getting silly.

Walden, I believe it was a severe MAULING which took place at Embassy and put someone in the hospital for several days. Clubs do NOT get closed for a , how did you write it dumb ass? I believe you wrote 'squabble'. And I also know that the attacker was an employee of Embassy, on the night.
Are you a complete idiot Walden?
Just your name is hard to say.
I think you
are an idiot mate. You promote this gambling shit like you're proud of it.
How far is your head up Tim's ass?
Can you see his small intestines mate?
His ring clenching your neck.
You are so full of shit mate, your eyes are brown.

Super Club? Supper Club? Poker Club? Sucker Club?
Walden, you're a gob of spent spunk mate!
Give it up.
I mean, did you get an Embassy t shirt for this article? 

I mean you're practically creaming on the guys face in this piece.... of shit article!
Its a fucking chest spray mate!
Get a towel and clean yourself up and write a proper article criticizing gambling, instead of promoting it.
You have lost all credibility with this rubbish.
If you ever had any to start off with WALDEN.
Gambling and charity are two words that should NEVER be used in the same sentence.
I mean Gambling? In the Philippines. It should be an oxymoron. But the only moron here is .... drum roll... you guessed it, Its TIM YAP!
70% below the poverty line and you are promoting people who can afford to LOSE their money... in the name of charity?
Your an ass hole Walden.
A hairy brown eye matey.
A total knob muncher.
Gambling is one of the worst problems already in the Philippines!
Just because you add the word charity, does not make it OK.
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