27 August 2008

Getting A Book Deal

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How your blog can help you land a book deal.

by Chavie Cyn

Someone I know started a blog that landed him a book deal plus coverage from BBC. Yes, that's the good news. The not too great follow-up however is that this friend of mine, Brian Gorrell, is HIV positive. He tells his whole angst filled spiced with his rather blunt expression of raw anger.

Brian's story is one too familiar. He is an HIV positive Aussie guy, who fell deeply and foolishly in love with some Filipino guy known as Delfin. Brian admits that he did enjoy the beach paradise at a place called Boracay but his kind of "eden" didn't last too long. He didn't know that his boyfriend was associating with socialites allegedly with "crime links" and he witnessed the not too pleasant reality of living among the extremely rich who have acquired their money through less than decent and legal means.Last that I managed to chat with him, he admitted that his blog was something that he needed to do to release his "rage". Rage is a good thing sometimes. Or at least, the releasing of 'rage'- because it can be something like a catharsis. I guess that was why Brian Gorrell just HAD to start a blog.It was the only therapy that was available while he was hurting.His blogging was like his own version of personal journaling. Perhaps there were days when he was crying while banging his keyboard. But he does have one thing - GUTS!

Brian Gorrell suddenly realizes that he isn't in any tropical paradise but in a perilous place.He discloses how he was scammed of 70,000 US dollars and then forced to flee the country. The saddest cut is he was betrayed and conned by the very person he loved- his lover. His blog is a unique mix of his ALL his feelings- anger, love, physical pain, plus a plea to his ex-lover to give back what he calls his "life savings" because he needs it for his HIV treatment.

Gorrell's blog made it to more then a million hit mark on the third week. His site has videos of television shows all over the world that have interviewed him. He also has been interviewed by Australian newspapers.Today, he lives in Canada where presumably the HIV treatment is free and less expensive than in the USA.He however has to wait, which can be unpleasant during his "bad days".

Brian Gorrell's blog is on the way to become a book, although we can assume that it will probably be written in a more dispassionate and professional manner. Nothing however impresses us more than a fighter who uses his blog to "scream" for justice. Something which I hope he gets as soon as possible to save his life.

How your blog can help you land a book deal!

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