28 August 2008

The Strained Eye

totally perfect t shirt from my favorite shop -Abercrombie and Fitch

Dearest Readers,

I understand that a few people are having trouble with the new template having a black background. I'm sorry about that. I can only suggest that you read the blog on my Multiply site.
My blog automatically transfers there (sooo cool) and the background on my Multiply blog is white. I love my Multiply site and I hope you will join me as a friend. You can also join me on Facebook where I post all my photos. Currently there is 160 photo albums on my Facebook. So if you'd like to see my private pictures, come see them on my Facebook (link provided).
Soooo many people love the new look of the blog so I will keep it this way. I do feel bad that some are having problems with it. Please join my Multiply (link on blog) and you'll not have this problem anymore with the visuals.

I love this t shirt my friend sent me.
It is exactly who I am politically.
VERY Liberal indeed.
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