07 August 2008

Hear Joseph ROAR!

roaring joseph

Joseph A. Barredo
Today at 10:00am

....the DJ Montano blog. Do keep it up. I visit it everyday, not to read anymore, but to leave my computer on the blog site so time will register as somebody being on it while I am making dinner or doing something else.

I may not be wearing a "Team Brian" t-shirt but I am for you. However I had to stop reading because the characters I had been reading about and the antics they had been playing started getting to me ... making me feel sick. This was months ago already.

I abandoned the Philippines 20 years ago for NY precisely because of that specific subculture. Unfortunately, members of that subculture are the children of those who buy votes during election times and their cronies in business and banking and thus run the country. These same "children" in that sick subculture will, in a decade or so, themselves be running campaigns, buying votes and be the ones running the country and profiting from the businesses.

That scumbag subculture absolutely exists here in NY. But the difference is that here in NY there is no hypocrisy about it. In NY it is in your face. The assholes are assholes and do not try to present themselves as anything else. Should some of these assholes fall through the cracks and actually get position of authority, they will be outed and ran out.

However, in the Philippines, the scumbags assume positions of virtuous heroes, leaders and benefactors of Philippine society..and keep their positions because of the entire society's CONSPIRACY OF HYPOCRISY. Those who are not part of the "conspiracy" are either too ignorant even to be aware that such "conspiracy" is a social fact, don't care or neither mind nor question the status quo or are simply too poor to rock the boat in fear of losing their enviable jobs as housed and fed slaves of the scumbags.

You have lost $70K. I suspect ...what you probably already know ...you will never get it back ...not from DJ Montano anyway - who might very well be the next president of the Philippines - not a far cry from the current one.

However you have gained millions of friends - many of whom you probably may never even meet ....but ALL are still your friends. Guess what, one dollar from each friend ...do the math.

sweet joseph

Thank you for confirming my adding you as friend.
Dear Joseph,

I know you're just a tender little pussy cat deep down... like myself.
But never stop telling it like it really is!

You are my friend indeed.

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