05 August 2008


Computer model of AIDS virus (HIV). (Credit: Produced by Richard Feldmann; courtesy of NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)......pretty eh?

ScienceDaily — A Canada-U.S. research team has solved a major genetic mystery: How a protein in some people's DNA guards them against killer immune diseases such as HIV. In an advance online edition of Nature Medicine, the scientists explain how the protein, FOX03a, shields against viral attacks and how the discovery will help in the development of a HIV vaccine.

"HIV infection is characterised by the slow demise of T-cells, in particular central memory cells, which can mediate lifelong protection against viruses," said lead researcher Rafick-Pierre Sékaly, a Université de Montréal professor and a researcher at the Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal and the French Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (Inserm).

"Our group has found how the key protein, FOX03a, is vital to the survival of central memory cells that are defective in HIV-infected individuals even if they are treated," added Dr. Sékaly, who produced his study with CHUM and Inserm colleagues including Elias El Haddad and Julien van Grevenynghe. Collaborators also included Jean-Pierre Routy, a McGill University Health Centre researcher and professor at McGill University and Robert S. Balderas, Vice-President of Research and Development at BD Biosciences of San Diego, CA.

Dear Readers,

Every single day there is both bad news and good news about HIV and the treatment of AIDS. I'm (we all are I'm sure) so inspired by the doctors and researchers in many countries who work endlessly in their pursuit for answers and solutions for this on going issue. Its apparent to many people who already have the virus, that the majority of funding goes towards finding a vaccine and not necessarily a cure for those who already have it. But that's OK though, because the medications are amazing now, and if your condition is treated properly, you can out live anyone. That's why its so very important to have your HIV test. If you don't get tested, you never know if you have HIV or any other sexually transmitted 'issue', if you want to be tender about it. 
I had no idea when I was told that I could EVER be positive. When I found out I was HIV, I had NO idea about the virus. And I'm gay, so I fully understand how others may and can just 'fluff' it off like dandruff on your shoulder. It will ALWAYS come back if indeed you are carrying the virus. So get tested because I had unsafe sex ONE time, and BAM, positive. So if you've had unsafe sex more than once..............

Yesterday at my friend Kara's house, we were talking about so many amazing things. Very deep. It always is when you're surrounded by art and cigarette smoke.
The BBQ she prepared was simply out of this world and her homemade cookies were mind blowing delicious!
We were talking about living and loving and leaving our men.
Girl talk!
How hard it was and so on. You know, poor us.
Except for the times when I GUSH about my boyfriend and loved ones. Then I'm very corny about love. Because my happiness is a derivative of love. I'm a Pisces, so forgive me.
My heart is full of love at the moment. So much of it.

Kara's beautiful warm summer salad.. oh my!

Because Kara and I have been friends for twenty years, we know each other VERY well indeed. Our history is very textured and colorful. We were very young when we terrorized Toronto in our teens. I spent time with her in California when she lived there. Kara is a artist/princess. We pretend we have a television show and we ramble on trying to out-do the other. She is the funniest girl I've ever met. Honestly, I double over from her humor. She could be a comedian, no problem.

Karas kitty krizia being gorgeous on the patio

We were blabbing on and I told her how thrilled I would be if I lived to sixty, because a man she knew has just died last year. He was nearly sixty and quite swell according to Kara. His death inspires me to live an even better life. So I'm loving life and I just feel that I will have a very long life. I did doubt it a few years ago when the depression from acquiring HIV set in for a while. But that is long gone now. And I do tell my many positive friends who I maintain dialogue with to expect a bit of depression when you make the transition from negative to positive.
Its only natural.
Yes I did go on anti depressants for one year.
But I also had to go on them after DJ ripped me off.
The shock was so over the top that my mother suggested it because she knew they worked for me before.
So I did.
And yes they worked again for me.
Sometimes we need help because the dilemma is so big.
You just can't make sense of things.
After Boracay, I had to take action. It was the only way for me to get my life back.
My dignity.
My self respect.
Even the strongest people buckle under this intense pressure. I had strong people around me when both of these things happened to me.
The problem is, I didn't listen to any of them, when they told me things I didn't want to hear.
I'll wear that too.
And that's OK too.
So you see, there are many other things that could (if your not very careful) happen to you that is WORSE than finding out you are positive!
Its called being positive for a reason.
Its a double edged sword.
But you must remain mind and soul positive always if you have HIV.
Eat well and take care of your body.
You are very special in many ways if you want to get cerebral about it.
And I personally like living on the edge of that sword.
No complacency here peeps!

perfect steak, perfect stuffed mushrooms and perfect company....all done
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