06 August 2008

Paris For President!

Paris Hilton....the president America deserves?

I love American politics and I always have. My dad was a daily news reader as well. He always had a newspaper within arms reach. The only bright thing about him really. He read so much it seemed, but he still turned out to be a stupid dumb ass. Oh well.
I hope history doesn't repeat itself.

World politics is a deep passion of mine.
I almost like it too much. I get too involved emotionally.
I read the Drudge Report and the Huffington Post loyally every single morning. Then I do the Australian/Philippine/Canadian papers on line. Then my fashion blogs and Misterhubs and I check out my own fav list, then Perez, TMZ and a few others.

Matt Drudge is a staunch Conservative Republican (I always read him first) and Arianna Huffington (second, because she soothes me back to earth after Drudge) is a fierce Liberal Democrat. These two blogs are a two stop shop for so many things. Especially American politics and world events. Both sides. Balanced. Like a sport.
The line is drawn in the sand with both of these fantastic sites. They are so up to date with everything you need to or want to or should know.

This latest America election is like a train wreck in slow-mo. A two year long train wreck. Over one BILLION dollars will be spent just for this election cycle alone.
So much for campaign finance reform.
I am and will always be a huge Hillary Clinton supporter (just a sucker for any woman in power). I also love Barack Obama(because I love black men too, hehehe), but John McCain is way too ancient for me, so I can't go there. I mean, he is OLD.
American politics is not unlike politics in the Philippines.
With shifty, shady characters everywhere. Fascinating to watch but terrifying to imagine a being part of.

The first ad below is from John McCain Campaign (approved by him) caused a stir in America because it featured the likes of Paris Hilton and Brit Brit among other 'celebrities'. You can see the best parts here (please don't go to his web site, hahaha). He's EVIL!

It thrusts gorgeous Paris into even more blinding spotlight, so like the true publicity whore that she is, turned the slight 'slight' into a powerful tool for self advancement and promotion (Go Paris). UHG#1!

You see, I secretly LOVE Paris (and Nicole) , so I admire the bitch for whipping up this cute rebuttal ad so fast. It only took her 9 hours to have it up on line after the McCain ad went up on his site (only available in full there). This chick works it hard! Either that or she is bored.
But seriously, Paris is the worlds ultimate everything girl. Vapid, soulless, arrogant,greedy,aimless,and pointless. But her makeup is always great. UHG #2.
Crazy bitch and I think that's hot!
I was in Hawaii a bit back and Paris had just launched a new Guess campaign, so her image was everywhere and we couldn't escape her omni present shadow lurking over us, like Dr. Spam in Kittys blog! Suck it Jam!
So since that trip, she's been seared into my commercial consciousness forever. Because the Guess ads were AMAZING. UHG #3!
I don't want to love Paris, but what can I do?

So I say to all who can legally vote in the USA. Screw the old white guy and the youngish HOT black guy.
And vote for Paris and Tinkerbell (where did Tinks go?)
Paris's Pink 'White' House.
Because Paris is the president you all TRULY deserve.
Bush.... eight years?
HOW did that happen?


John McCain Ad Re Cap

Paris FIGHTS back!
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