20 August 2008

HIV = Not Sad

being this happy is the sweetest revenge

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by Bugsey, Aug 20, 2008

Brian Gorell's blog is a cyberspace wonder. Sadly, this guy is HIV positive and he's been hurt, conned, scammed, physically abused and he claims to have been robbed of 70,000 dollars. This is the sad story of an ordinary gay Aussie who loves life, pets, and the human race except those who are called "Socialites".

Brian Gorrell's blog is the story of his life, however sad it seems to have been. Brian is an Aussie who is HIV positive and who decided to love for love in another country. He did. Or he thought so anyway. Brian spent one year in what he thought was an island paradise called the Philippines. He was loved and he loved the orinary folks and all was going well until he met someone by the name of Delfin.

two weeks into the blog

Brian managed to meet the social elites in this country, particularly those who belonged to the "rich old families". Aside from being rich, Brian discovers and tells everyone that they are incapable of any act of human kindness, which isn't really surprising. He mentions cases where a group of socialites with good repute are really part of the Gucci Gang (users and dealers of drugs). He investigates deeper about a murder that happened at a disco called the Embassy and tells us how thousands of dollars are squandered in drugs, bribes and every sort of corruption which seems to be endemic in this society.

Gorrell also tells us about a family called the Lopezes and how they have controlled one country's economy and how the Philippine media, often vaunted as the "most liberal media in Asia" is really controlled by corporations and oligarchic businesses of families in this part of the world. Gorrell's observations seem to have triggered a "blogging mania" in the Philippines.

It had to take an Aussie to start it said one called "The Ordinary Reporter" who agrees with Gorrell's blog and adds that : " I should know that people here shouldn't be wasting time reading newspapers anymore. They should go and save themselves money.Philippine media is corrupt and Brian's observations may not be objective, but they are factual.Besides, if Brian's blog brings out the catharsis that society needs to correct itself, I consider that a good deed."

What is amazing however is how Brian Gorrell has reached the millions mark on his blog. Here is an HIV positive young man who admits he doesn't even know how to write and in less then three months his blog gets almost two million hits.

Well, even Arianna of Huffington Post started small.


This touched me deeply.
Thank you.
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