20 August 2008

Giselle Toengi....Libel?

snap snap, cick click, just smile sweetly and shut up

Giselle Toengi..owns Bora's beaches

Wow, some shit (big chunks of it) is flying over at The Manila Times.
Someone had/has her panties in a major knicker twist.
And she wants my poor Amiels head on a stake too!
The rebel.
Bless him.

Fake press releases?
Fake press conferences?
Fake tits?
Fake friends?
Fake family?
Fake films?
Fake everything!

Another pretentious GG lover too!
Yes, Giselle LOVES all things GG.
But cocaine too?
Hmm.. I wonder.
She loves them for some reason.
I can't imagine why.

Like I said,
Just another insecure wannabee terrorizing Boracays beaches.
Everyone wants to do a 'Celine'.
But you need a lot of money to be that monstrous Giselle.
Or Lopez as a last name.
And you don't have either babe.
Plus you're getting old now and you're looks are fading fast.
So chill because your 'bitch gene' is giving you wrinkles. And you're ugly when you're mad, I'm told.
And you're not ready for Vicky Belo's scalpel yet, are you?

Read Victorina Blog (on my fav list) for the complete story on this GG wannabee.....actress(?) and mega supremo bitch.

A wedding.
A cunty 'manager'.
A journalist.
Read it.

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