21 August 2008

Burning My Bridges

he deserves this as he is a computer hacker!!!

jenni's little cyber piggy Bridge

Dear Readers,

slog- someones blog created on the back of your own blog in order to discredit said blog.
aka- loser blog
slogger- the creater of a slog
computer hacker- Bridge

Bridge- a computer hacker/slogger with a hate slog


Although I am talking about 'Bridge' in this post, the actual name represents my haters, whom with I've had to deal from time to time due to the nature of the blog. Now this lad Bridge, due to his 'over the top' fantastical ideas of his own importance, must understand that he's only being used as a reference point to make my points crystal clear with regards to anyone who is prepared to take me on. The name Bridge could be changed at will, to say um, well a number of people really. But for today, the name is Bridge and this is his sad sad sad story.


Dear Readers,

Poor sad Bridge.

So delusional with his own 'self induced importance' ,when in fact he hasn't an ounce of it at the end of the day. Slamming me or any of my allies with threats will only fuel my fire. I have no shackles, and although dear young Bridge will probably get an erection when he reads this post about him, it was not my intention. But go on and have a nice pull mate, sit back and relax because you're taking yourself FAR too seriously. You need a few Valium and a bit of a rest I think. Or maybe some jer jer?

Readers, this blog is so much bigger than Bridge and Tita Jen, who must have her own worries at this point in the game I'm sure, with what I've been hearing through my own grapevine of amazing sources and informers. We do share some friends.

computer hacker

Her poor pathetic little sidekick dash slogger Bridge, flails around in his tiny world of fantasy and make believe, bouncing off paper walls. He needs to stop and breath.
Imagining himself to be me. Must be exhausting.
Dreaming for a different life than the one he currently lives.
Dreaming about being me. Why else do you go on and on about me Bridge?
You've a boner for me mate.
A little tiny boner.
You seem obsessed!

And I've been sooooo nice to you, so far dear Bridge.


We feel sorry for this guy.
His sad dreams of being a GG.
For weeks he's been trying to big note himself using my name (and Kitty's) in order to establish a readership for his miserable light weight slog.
We really do (all of us) feel sorry for him.

I personally feel sorry for him, not only because he thinks he's a 'model' (insert hilarious laugh here) but he obviously has a few mental health issues to deal with as well, which is most apparent to me and my friend who is a 'special' doctor.
He looked at Bridges 'Friendster' and Multiply accounts with me as well as some other stuff I've been sent by some team members. Interesting to say the least.

I also get cut and pastes from CC's blog.
How do you think?

Just reading his slog drivel leaves one speechless and my doctor friend was very clear about his diagnosis on Bridge.

My doctor friend clearly indicated that from the visuals of his sites (like I said, 'special' doctor) and the drivel that he writes, Bridge will go 'postal' one day in a McDonald's from an acute lack of attention. I hope you all know what going postal means. Hahahahahaha. Too funny.

Can a person really be that confused about himself and his role in our tiny world?
Bridge dear, you're hopeless. You must understand dear, that I'm just having some fun with you, because I get bored too. And I love a challenge dear, but you're not it!
And you'll never be anything but a plaything to me lover boy.

A little something to keep me amused during my down time.

I'd actually prefer to see this Bridge guy committed for some mandatory electric shock therapy and some acute 'long term' observation. But watching his slow burn towards further anomaly is sort of fun to watch. Wheeeeee! Front row seat.
Plus I really don't care enough for him to help him at this point.
Maybe some time in a specialized 'facility' will do him some good.
Maybe Tita Jen will help him. Or maybe she can join her little playmate and have a 'refreshing break' too! Because Bridge does need some serious help. And I'm starting to think Jenni does as well.
Risking what she has left for her alliance with this chap.

I tend to want to help those with a good head on their shoulders, a true heart and a sense of decency and respect for what has been achieved already through this blog.
To ignore it's impact would be foolish. Haters are just that. Ignoring the conversation which has begun. Belittling the masses and their need for a unbiased voice. Crucifying the messenger but caring nothing for the message. Ignorant nobodies, happy with their system. Heads deep in the sand.

Wild and woolly creatures who sleep during the day and feed at night under ANON!
I deal with them all slowly, on my own time.
They forgot why I'm here and what my ultimate objective is.
Long term and be effective.

TEAM BRIAN is always activated. 24/7.
Make all the fun you want kiddies, but I think you're finding out now, that I'm here for a while. And it's only going to get worse because I only get more impassioned when I'm mocked or threatened.
And we'll all continue to find things out over time, thanks to the 'TEAM'.
So you and your Tita Jen can make all the snide remarks that you want about Kitty and myself.
You'll BOTH be dealt with soon enough.

Jenni dear, you should have dropped things about six weeks ago but you continue to agitate me by leaving comments on Bridges slog. Other people see them too Jenni. Can you really afford (?) to have us all against you?
Because of one weirdo who is bluffing you too?
For a guy you need to keep on the hook until you need him again?
I don't bluff.
I tell.

You know dear Jenni, at the end of the day, he'll be back to square one, along with you.
You're both playing with fire.
I'm only being this patient with you because of our special 'connection'.
But mate, when my gloves come off, you know I take NO prisoners.
So keep writing comments in Bridges slog Jenni.
See how far it gets you at the end of the day.

I mean, who does this guy think he is?
The first wanker to challenge me?
This blogs tire marks run across more then one chalk outline.
I just run them over. Just a bunch of sloggers.
Bridge dear, you are simply sport to TEAM BRIAN and myself.
Now cross the road while I rev my engine.
You creepy fugly little rodent.

Be gone!

Like CC. (blog made private...why?)
Like Haterhate. (had that blog shut down)
Like dr.Jam. (blog closed due to his readership of four and his and complete and total lack of intelligence)
Like Beotch (still squishy and fighting for her kids back... BAD mommy)
Like them all.
Just sport.

And as for being a model, yes dear Bridge, you are very unattractive.
I'd even go as far as to say that you are totally ugly.
And your clothes and fashion sense is atrocious.
Perhaps Jenni can give you a new 'look'.
A before and after and after and after for her 'blog'.
You know, until she gets it right.
I mean you should meet up right?
Have you even met Jenni mate?

Jenni should have been imprisoned YEARS ago for her heinous crimes against fashion.
Considering her blog is a fashion blog... OMG!
No seriously, I'm serious. Deadly serious peeps.
Sleeping well at night are we, Jenni? Changing the world with your blog about shopping?
I mean, make an effort at least.
Contribute to the bigger debate.
Add something to the mix.
My blog has created an entire conversation.
You tell people about makeup and bath bubbles.

Oh by the way Bridge, a model must be attractive mate... and taller than a garden gnome.
And you're exactly the opposite of that.
Smurfy looking garden gnome standing guard in a cornfield.
Oh wait, that's a scarecrow.
Now there's a job for you mate.

I know you hate/love/me Bridge. But your pseudo intellectual leanings have already backfired on you. You're dealing with people much smarter than yourself mate.
You don't have to know a plethora of words to be smart dear (although I do).
One only have to live.... a bit longer than you have.
You have to be more like me. Fearless and bold. You know love, very well travelled and over the top worldly. Not a nasty little computer hacker with no testies.
You live some more life fugly, and then get back to me mate.

My Filipino network in Toronto and all over the world for that matter grows daily. But not only my dear Pinoys, but many others as well from all over the world. I'm soooo proud of my readership (yes, even the haters because they love me too!) and how fiercely loyal they are to me and my ambition for creating a little change. Even a little bit of change through this blog is better than promoting 'soap flakes'.
I mean, come on.
Soap flakes?

Bridge, I'm very familiar with being used for blog traffic. I get the game now. I came too late but I learned eventually what I was dealing with. People like you will always attract the 'weirdos' because that's what you are. Even CC has readers (a few). You only write about me because you're fascinated at the end of the day, AND you need the traffic. You've admitted it yourself dear, because my right hand cuts and pastes your drivel and sends it to me. She can't bare that I actually read your blog. In fact my girl has banned me from reading any of the hate blogs.
She's like my girl Friday/shrink/secretary/sister/best friend/princess/editor at times, but most of all protector and CEO of TEAM BRIAN.

Bridge, you're just another parasite sucking on my underbelly, trying to save energy while I do all the swimming. Lazy bastard! You fail to come up with any viable arguments or points of view of your own. Skimming over reality in order to create a buzz in your own swollen head. Imagining things. Inventing things. Claiming to know things about others? But never revealing. I'm not sure messing with Kitty is a good way to go Bridge. Because you're a poser just like your I HATE Brian and Kitty slog. You've never written me privately. Too afraid.

If you want some new fresh attention placed upon your swollen head dear Bridge, that's fine. Just please stop using Kitty and myself to get it. Choose your battles carefully young man.
Because I NEVER mount up unless I'm assured of a sweet Victory!
I'm just telling you this because I care.


Some people like this Bridge guy crave attention and are prepared to do anything for it. When I created my blog, I had no idea about what I was doing.
The things that drove me were VERY powerful.
Fear, anguish, disgust, shock, financial devastation and yes, revenge.
It was 'him or me' at the end of the day.
I had reached my point of no return when I unleashed the blog.
And my ex had already taken way too much from me already.
Taking cover behind his world.
This violet is never going to shrink again.
Or flinch!
The blog was a cathartic exercise in pain relief and remains so to this very day.
Yes, I involved a country, but how was I to know?
Some say at the expense of others?
But who are they?
Give me a break.
I love the Philippines.

I've used my blog to achieve many things.
Things I'm proud of.
What the haters think is of no interest to me anymore.
My loyal devoted readership is the only ballast I need to stay upright.
I'll always remain full steam ahead, straight into the wind!
Breeze in my hair, cocktail in hand.
Bon voyage Bridge.
Man overboard.

People like this poor guy get sucked into the process and really truly believe that they have a voice in the arena of life. When in fact their talking in a broom cupboard. Listening for their own faint echo. Disagreeing (in his crazy case, with himself) just for the sake of it. No personal politics involved. Just a bunch of voices.

They don't have a voice at the end of the day, because they have nothing original to say. Sure people can disagree with me and hate me and so on and so on, but if that is the basic premise of your blog, you should re think things a bit, because it's just a hate blog. Not an important blog. A slog.
Just envy and jealousy which is boringly obvious to us all.

Because fugly pugly Ridge had a nose job in order to try to be a model, one must assume that he suffers from some manic genetic insecurity. If I looked like him, I'd panic too.
And the funny thing is, he's never had a modeling job in his life but tells people he's a model. Unless there is a pet food commercial out there that I missed where he is barking for more kibbles....well.

Bridge tells people he's from a certain 'well known modelling' agency which I've promised not to mention.
Now he's stuck with his fucked up nose and zilcho work.
You're a Filipino mate. Embrace your nose.
And your ordinary destiny.

Poor Bridge suffers deeply from a warped perception of both himself and his alliance with Jenni.
Poor Ridge.
Poor Jenni.
You really have no idea.
You both need to wake up.
NEITHER of you can afford a blog blow out!
Not at this stage in the game.

Bridge, you need to deflate a bit dear, live a little and then you can start a blog as opposed to your slog. And Jenni, you need to stop leaving stupid comments that people send me.

Bridge, I know you're trapped within your own sadness dear, but please seek help for your 'issues'. You may not be able to do anything about your face dear, but I'm sure you can work on your warped mind or in a kitchen or something.
I imagine you could be a boatman. I mean you look like one for Christs sakes. Out to sea with you matey!

you could sell sunglasses on a beach.
Don't worry mate, you'll find work.

This poor guy Bridge has been obsessing about me for months. He wants to be me.
He wrote a very long (hard to read without bursting into fits of laughter) piece in his slog about Kitty and myself. We both needed it this week, as a laugh never goes astray.

The poor kid was responding to an entry I created for Dr. Jam (another fugly loser disposed of here) who was also craving a voice and an audience. The list of wrecked sloggers is long and growing. So his entire slog entry is MOOT because I was never discussing him in the first place. He wished and wishes. Oh my, did we all laugh at his sheer desperation to have relevancy in blog world. He needs medication I say. And lots of it.

He jumped on my entry believing I was referring to him, wrote this drivel and we laughed so hard, and we're STILL laughing.
Proud of your cyber piggy now Jenni?
By himself.
Naughty piggy.
Some alliance you have there dear.

So because this Bridge guy is so desperate to be a part of my blog he just became the alter ego of Dr. Jam (wacko as well) and proceeded to write as if I was talking about him. He needs some serious meds. So many people sent me this error on his part. I mean this morning I had over twenty e mails about it. It all happens when I sleep now, so my e mail is always a surprise. This morning was FABULOUS!

delusional and ugly

Hahahahaha. I mean, the guy is desperate to milk his little CT adventure (tired already) for a main place on the blogger landscape. Never going to happen. I reckon more people hate that CT is gone, than lament its demise.
I've also gone through his list of supporters.
Have them mate.
Do they know you're a known hacker as well?
How clever do you think you are?

Unless my girl told me about him, I'd never even know about this.
But this morning with the e mails.
Can't help myself. It's too easy.
I mean he's nothing and nobody, but tries to big note himself by writing about Kitty.
Although I'm writing about Bridge, I'm only doing it because out is better than in when you deal with the 'unstables'. Put it out there and walk away.
A selfish form of stress relief I know but seeing as I have a busy weekend, I'll be needing a clear head, so I'll get it out now.
Before the good times roll.
Or heads in some cases.

But seriously, wild horses couldn't stop me from commenting just this once.
He WANTS to be my 'new' enemy. He craves it. But it won't happen.
After this entry, I'm done with him.

Bridge has been writing me comments under ANON urging me to fight with Burnt Toast who he thinks I've nicknamed him on the blog. It was a metaphor dumbass!
You flatter yourself to think that you've been on my radar dear. I only know what I need to know.
You see, he thinks I don't know that he's been leaving these comments on my blog.
Trying to encourage me to get it on with HIMSELF.
Doing anything to involve himself.
To get a life maybe.
Pathetic way to get traffic (or a life), but a tactic no less.
And he gets a few points for his scheming ways.
But only a few.

But alas, at the end of the day, he's just a moldy piece of stale bread.
Not Burnt Toast at all.
Neglected at the bottom of the bag, with the other
No friends. A loner.
Too unsavioury for consumption.
In the bin!

botched nose, wonky eyes

Haters are both irrelevant and important to the bigger picture.
I guess we need them in a strange way.
Their like super mean fans.
Frustrated at their own reflection, but unable to do anything about it.
Nothing Bridge can do about it.
A trip to Vicky could fix a few things though.

You claim to 'know' shit about us.
Well then spill it mate!
How childish and pathetic of you to threaten to 'reveal' things about me.
I've been doing this for a while now.
Sucker, bring it I say!
Don't play games with me mate.
You'll always lose.
You're already a laughing stalk.
People think your un-hinged.
AND at the modelling agency where you tell people you work,
they're also laughing mate.
Liar, liar pants on fire.

And do you think Jenni really cares about you?
You're crazier then I thought. And I think you're pretty crazy.
You're being used like the foolish wannabee that you are dear.
And I would hate for you to think that because you have a thesaurus up your ass, that you're smart. Reading the garbage that you 'write' burns my retina. Its like cyberotic ass pudding!


I'm tired of this guy and his ego issues. Honestly I have to say, I was killing myself with laughter when I was sent this guys post about Kitty and myself.
Absolutely delusional.
No voice in the bigger picture.

Just a whimpering wallet sized snapshot of a
very boring horizon.
That's you Bridge.

Sweetheart, I'm almost thirty nine ears old.
You must earn your stripes young man.
You can't play with the high rollers yet.
Back to the nickle slots with you.
No grown up play for you.

Jenni Epperson and her fuzzy little playmate(monkey) think they're very clever. But the last laugh is not going to be theirs. I can assure them of that.
You may think you've closed a blog, but what else have you created now. A much bigger problem then you ever imagined.

I understand that Jenni is bored now, what with her career in the toilet (according to other blogs I've been reading). You should think again before remaining in this 'doomed' alliance with your little cyber pet.

This all started when Kitty wrote about the Tim Yap/Jenni Epperson Singapore drama.
As the story goes, Jenni Epperson is barred from further invitations to Singapore by the Tourism Board because she failed to write a story on some crap shopping race/event. Whatever. I mean, honestly, who the fuck cares about this shit?
I do, that's who.
And after Kitty wrote about the 'junket', fake blogs started about Kitty and myself.
I never said anything about it. But I was targeted too. So I'll come out to play.
I was being sent these dumb one entry blog links all day by readers.
I lost track. It's all too funny. But very childish.
A bit like this entry, but it's my blog.
And with all that new free time on their hands, they're bound to get bored and start trouble.
But I love a rumble, that's for sure.

So bring it guys.
I'm all fired up.

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