22 August 2008


I am a hero.

I do what I believe is right.

I do what I believe is good.

I fight for justice.

I fight for freedom.

In a big way.

In a small way.

In my own way.

I am a hero.

I am Ninoy.

What a beautiful man he was.
I just love watching everything on YouTube about him.
The footage of him being murdered on the plane made me cry. It's so hard to comprehend and understand. All the great men are taken away from us.
Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Anwar Sadat and yes, Ninoy too. All hero's.
Ninoy was a good and great man indeed.
Murdered because some people sensed his inevitable change in the air.
Sensed his goodness and genuine concern for the people of the Philippines.
He was the sacrificed lamb.
The lamb with a roar.

The Filipino youth is also good and great.
This commercial is well, just perfect.
We must never forget him.
We must be inspired by his genius and bravery.
And his ultimate sacrifice for the Philippines. His life.
Leaving his wife behind. His children. So cruel.
So evil.

Ninoy's awesome courage in the face of so much darkness and hostility is what we remember more than anything. We always remember the great ones. But we are also reminded daily of the bad ones.

When we will get another Ninoy?
Poor man.
Murdered by the Marcos regime.
He predicted it on the plane.
He knew what he was up against, and still he plowed ahead, shouting out for change.
Great man he was, and still is, in the hearts of many.
Including mine.
Who knows what could have happened had he become leader and took over the reins?

Imagine the possibilities.
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