22 August 2008


sneaky thief and hacker..... Ridge



Comment by Kenneth on August 23, 2008 3:47 AM

This guy Bridge should be jailed for hacking into chikatime's godaddy account. doesn't he know that this is a crime?

Dear Readers,

Since writing my entry on psycho Ridge, soooo many people have written to me about him.
I'm told he's a very dangerous and a very un-hinged individual.
People in Manila know this Ridge guy because he's notorious for stealing information and peoples personal files from their hard drive. He was caught once already.

Money missing from peoples accounts?
I'm hearing some shocking stuff about him since writing my entry.
It pays off when I vent, because I found out everything I needed to know on this cyber criminal.
And reporting him was a pleasure for me.

I LOVE doing battle with crims.
They never win.
Ridge should be in prison for his cyber crimes.

WHY is he not is jail????

Since I posted, people are warning me that Ridge is a major
computer hacker.
I know of four people already, who he's hacked into.
He will sneak into your life without you even knowing it.
He's just another cyber bandit.


felt something criminal about this guy. He just looks like a criminal.
Many people have warned me, so I am warning you all.

He's broken into peoples GoDaddy accounts and has stolen information from them.
He's a cyber thief.
He will also SELL your information for profit.

NEVER give your credit card details on line unless you know it's secure.
And never give any information to this guy Ridge.
We know what he's capable of.
He's very dangerous if you give him any details about yourself or your bank accounts/credit cards.

And be EXTRA careful giving this guy your full name or any information about yourself.

This guy Ridge has been up to no good for a few years now. I've told my readers who have written to call the police on him. I will report him from here. I've already spoken to Blogger about him and I'm just waiting for their reply. I'll report him to friendster as well, because apparently he meets people there and scams information from his new 'friends' and then proceeds to hack their accounts for profit!!!!!!

I'm positive he makes his money selling the data that he rips off of from peoples computers. Too many people have written already.
THAT'S how he makes his money.
Through criminal activities.
I had a feeling.


People who steal information and money from others on the Internet should be PUT IN JAIL.

Bridge, you are a criminal like DJ, because he also played tricks with computers.
You and DJ are one in the same. You should both be in jail.
Just scammers who steal from others.
Criminals with criminal minds.

Dear readers,

I KNOW Ridge had also
TRIED to hack into my system.
He failed but he left a funny little message for me to find.

It read, 'you have been hacked'.

And it was Ridge.
How do we know?
We just know.

He STEALS peoples personal information from their computers.
He did the same thing to Kitty and a few other people close to me.
Jail for him!

Ridge mate, you have messed with the wrong guy this time.
You have no idea the mistake you've made.

He also did it to his ex boyfriend (I am in contact with him) and caused a TON of problems for him, because he is having some 'emotional' issues.

I am warning everyone to watch out for this trouble maker. He's VERY dangerous and has no moral compass whatsoever.

Watch out for him please!
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