08 August 2008


Dear Readers,

Thank you for all  of the Madonna/Kylie comments and e mails.
The e mails are so funny, I wish I could print some of them.
Yes I agree, Kylie is a Queen as well.
She is everything to me and helped define the most important years of my life with her music.
Like Madonna did and is still doing.
I'm totally trailer park with my music. POP POP POP music!
I  grew up to her music in Australia. All Australians are mad for her.
Her recent cancer battle was watched very closely by every Aussie.
Kylie the survivor.
Every single song she released went straight to #1.
She has had a #1 in each of the past three decades
I've met her personally and she is the most wonderful person in the world.
I've also seen her perform too many times to count.
I've cried with each costume change.
Tragic but oh so very true.

Pauline asked me what my favorite KM song was. That's a VERY hard question dear.
But if I HAD to choose, it would be this one. 
I went to a party the day it was released and we danced to this song til mid MORNING!!!!!
We danced until we could move no more.
Then we brunched.

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