08 August 2008

Joji D and Vicky B

vicky belo, haggard and drawn looking

talent molester joji dingcong

Victoria G. Belo, popularly known as Dr. Vicki Belo, is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines. She is famous for having performed dermatological services on high-profile members of Philippine showbiz, politics, high-society.

Dear Readers,

Despite ever growing poverty in the Philippines, 'molester extraordinaire' Joji Dincong had his last laugh, some might say with a "show of force" while doing the PR for Dr. Vicky 'scandal' Belo's lavish and extravagant MEGA-event at the Shang Makati- A Masquerade Ball.... with Hollywood actress- Dita Von Teese (she was paid US200,000) - as guest performer.
Who was watching the children? I hope it wasn't Joji.
And I would like to know what CHARITY (if any at all) benefitted from this huge event.

dita von teese looking great

Gucci Gang(?) members present, I heard!

Oh well, that's what money can do!
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