25 August 2008

NOT an Urban Legend!

help protect filipino children from organ harvesting

PDI - Filipino kidneys cheapest in world black market, says NGO
MB - Police probe deaths of 5 children with missing vital organs
MST- 5 dead kids: organs missing

NBI Raises Alarm on Child-Organ Trafficking

The National Bureau of Investigation alerted the public on Sunday over the rampant smuggling of human organs in the Philippines. The NBI said smugglers are now targeting children who are kidnapped and taken abroad where their organs are sold to foreign nationals.

The human smugglers, whose usual buyers are Middle Eastern nationals, allegedly abduct children and house them somewhere in Mindanao.

Lawyer Ferdinand Lavin of the NBI's Human Trafficking Division said the victims are provided with vitamin supplements to keep their internal organs healthy. He said the victims will then be transported outside the country to undergo surgery for organ transplants.

"Children are being kidnapped and they are housed somewhere in the south, papainom ng mga vitamins para gumanda ang mga organs, then they will be transported outside the country for organ sale, kina-cannibalized 'yung tao," the official said.

He said that the selling of human organs has become uncontrollable. He cited instances when parents themselves give their children to organ smugglers in exchange for money.

"We have an increasing trend. It’s no longer a person-to-person transaction, it also advertised in the Internet,” Lavin said.

Lavin said that aside from children, Filipinas seeking domestic jobs abroad are sometimes duped by their recruiters for slavery and prostitution.
With a report from Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News

These are just a few things I've found on the Internet about this horrific practice of snatching children for their vital organs.

"I live in Caloocan City, Philippines. I have three children. That's why the news report that nine children were kidnapped in Caloocan City on November 14, 2005, possibly to be sold to rich families or those needing human organ transplants, strikes too close to home. The children were residents of San Felipe Extension, Sangandaan. They were playing outside their houses at around 3 p.m. when they were hauled by unidentified men and women into a parked vehicle. Similar incidents were reported a few months ago in neighboring cities. The culprits are suspected members of a kid-for-sale syndicate".
and another,

Kidneys, kidnappers and organ donations

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I’ve heard rumors of this from my friends who warned me to be careful when traveling to the Philippines. I read it tonight from Girlie Linao at
India eNews, and it is depressing.

In recent years, the Philippines has become a global source of organs such as kidneys. Illegal and/or unhealthy practices of organ harvesting is on the rise. Most donors come from the poor, who give up a kidney for a few thousand dollars of “gratuity package” and livelihood assistance. It’s difficult to blame someone whose only desire is to give his children a better future. But the vulnerable are precisely who illegals brokers are looking for.

I’ve even been told of fatal abductions and the victims found to missing one or several organs. Organ transplants to foreign recipients have also risen in the past years to as much as 50% of transplants, 40% more than allowed by law.

The department of health now bans all organ transplants to foreigners, but this would not stop the black market on illegal organ sales. Now that the ball is rolling, I don’t know what would.



Did I ever get in shit when I talked about the kidnapped Filipino children and their 'missing organs'. Remember the Urban Myth entry? I was angry.

I mean, I received so many death threats when I wrote about it on the blog. Even though I did my research, some people were furious with me for talking about it.
I never understood why. I was devastated to say the least.

But I received a special letter of support today (thank you so much MP), and with it came some special encouragement for me and yes, a conformation that I was within my rights to comment on this issue. I'll always be an advocate for children. Not because I was abused as a child, but because I have none of my own. Therefore I love every child. I really love kids and to think that anything so horrendous could happen to them, makes me shudder deep within.
And also a reminder that when I wrote about this months ago, I was nervous too. It's a shocking topic of converstion.

But what bothered me most, we're the 'urban myth' e mails and comments.
Yeah right. Urban myth. Until it happens to you or someone you know.
That's like calling Imelda an urban myth.
SHE was at the Peninsula yesterday.
No myth there.
All fact.

Just today even more news came out about the kidnapping of children for the sale of their organs. WTF?

NBI has given a formal warning to the public.

Why is it that when I wrote about this nightmarish topic, so many people were angry with me?
I was right about organ harvesting not being an urban legend.
I KNEW it was true because it happens in other poor countries so WHY should the Philippines be any different? I lived there. I could see for myself how easy it would be for people to be pushed to that edge. It's fucking gross and disgusting how there are so many poor people in Manila and the Philippines. It's so fucking gross. No other way for me to put it.
It's sickening and it's just NOT RIGHT! And they're preyed upon.
And for the people out there, who put politics and greed before the safety of children, you should be deeply ashamed. Many people have TRIED to cover this up. But how many hollowed out children can we dismiss before MAJOR action is taken.
And the other readers who told me this was all an urban legend, well I knew they were talking poppycock. Urban legend my ass. And I told them that back then.
I personally believe this practice is rampant all around the world.

from another reader,

To me this is the most purest evidence of evil in our world.
I would go so far as to think that this evil is even beyond Satan.
I find it hard to believe this is the work of a former/fallen angel.
For people like me who believe that humans are basically good, It becomes somewhat incomprehensible.
Death is too good for this people.
They deserve to die a thousand horrible ones.

If you can dear Brian, tell about this in the blog. Tell these people where they are going if they aren't already there; to Hell, a place more horrific they are capable of imagining.

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