24 August 2008

Poodle... Deleting IN DENIAL

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This bug eyed creature is telling people he doesn't even think I have HIV. I mean, HELLO!!!! He's fucking nutso!

I tell you what Ridge baby.
Why don't you let me fuck you up the ass with no rubber.
Ok bitch. Then I'll let go inside.
And then you can wait to see for yourself if I'm HIV positive.
And good luck with health care there dear.
And the stigma, and all the bullshit that comes along with being a carrier in the Philippines.
I'm only too happy to do you this favour.
I'm only so blessed to be who I am.
To have the friends and family I have.
Where are your friends Poodle?
Where is your family?
THIS is what I'm dealing with here people. I'm telling you, I'm speechless that this sort of human being walks among you.

Someone posted a comment in Ridge's multiply, asking him about the articles uncovered by TEAM BRIAN and if he was the one who wrote it............... with all of the links! Just like I have!

10:14 AM giggleangel wrote today at 10:02 AM

Mr mp3musicmp3,

What are you really afraid of??? I was just asking you to please defend yourself about the posts that you made copied. The links that I gave you was originally written by the ORIGINAL AUTHORS and are actually several PLAGIARIZED NOTES by other people that made careful research and not you, you copied it word for word. I need a good answer from you. Again I will post the links for the rest of the followers . What you did by erasing my post is a RECKLESS IMPRUDENCE.
REMEMBER: You can be sued from copying someone else's original work. IT IS JUST A (LOUD) THOUGHT from me. By the way, this posts will be snag by me that way when you erase it, you will see it somewhere else.

BUT , it was DELETED readers!!!!!!!!!!!

Because he's GUILTY on all counts!!!

His friendster info claims he graduated from ADMU with a master's degree in legal management.
Ateneo has no such graduate degree.

-this direct from the poodle/plagiarist's slog,

"Ateneo De Manila University, Attended 1904 - 1906, Class of 1906, Master's Degree, LEGAL MANAGEMENT
University of the Philippines - Diliman, Attended 1901 - 1904, Class of 1904, Bachelor's Degree, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology"
11:34 AMlegal management? in ateneo?! no top universities will accept him.. up made a mistake.. never again,
11:34 AMhahaha
This guy is seriously mentally ill.
Like really fucking strange in his head.

Yes readers, you are correct. Ridge Bradley IS seriously ill.
Completely fucked up in the head.


even more pure deception by Ridge Bradley

-and this from another fabulous reader,

I stumbled upon his multiply site, on the post he made about B and Ms. Kitty Go and if you read the comments, you'll see that he deleted one of them. This was because the person who left the comment pasted all the links to the posts he has made that are evident of his plagiarism. He even attempts to dodge the bullet by saying that he just doesn't want HTML in his comments. Bullshit. The lady who posted the comment though is brilliant. I do encourage as many people to take screen shots of his plagiarism. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts
deleting them soon. One might also take notice of how he replies to the comments that oppose his view.

He claims in the very same post, that he is "as objective as possible," yet his remarks in the comments section suggest otherwise, take for example how he deals with the comments of users ***********, and ******************** (myself). Not very objective at all. Furthermore, he refers to "Texans" and "Benguet Denizens," in reply to my comment. I can't, for the life of me, figure out who he's referring to, as I'm not from Texas, and I'm not from ******. I'm Norwegian-Filipino, and fully Dabawenyo. If he was referring to where I reside, anyone can click my profile both on blogger and multiply and clearly see, I'm currently in Singapore. Makes me wonder how much of anything does this guy make up in his head.


Dear Readers,

Since posting my warnings about Ridge Bradley, the e mails have been in a flurry.
I have so much information on this dude, I could post daily for two weeks.
I mean, I'm in shock.
Several of his batch mates have nailed him to the ground, with rusty nails.
But many people who have known him since his younger days are not at all surprised.
He's been considered strange/dangerous since he was a little kid.
It's almost spooky when I started to read all the mail.
He makes DJ almost bearable.
But not quite.
They'll both do some hefty time down in hell.
I'm almost positive.

Since starting this blog, not one 'piece of gossip turned fact' has come out about me.
I'm clean and I know it and that's why I have NO fear whatsoever.
I grew up differently than those I write about.
I'm not the same as they are.
I'm different.
And THAT'S why some people hate me so much.

I'm doing battle with little criminal minds all the time on this blog.
They've just taken over from DJ.
But DJ has fled the Philippines, so what can I do?
My collection agency is waiting with patience.
So am I.

Tricksters like Ridge Bradley eventually come unstuck.
It's only a matter of time before someone smarter comes along.
And I am that someone.
The old saying goes, 'age before beauty'...
But we all know in this case between Ridge and myself, it's age and beauty before flakiness!
"Don't hate me cause we're beautiful" Poodle, (line borrowed from Kitty GO, hahahahaha).
We can't help it. Luck of the Gods.

TEAM BRIAN can be assured, that I'd never let you down.
I'm a good boy, unlike this bloody 'wing nut' Ridge.
But keep the information coming peeps, because my draft folder is filling up quick.
But there's always more room.
Loving it!

I despise people who lie about their education. It drives me nuts.
You all know I finished school at fourteen, so I have enough insecurities about that, without others lying about their own schooling in order to puff themselves up in my eyes. It's gross. Pathetic. When I caught Celine Lopez (ghost writer entry) doing it, no one seemed to care. People we're too afraid to say anything. Made me want to puke.

I've never been ashamed of anything in my life, apart from being so foolish with my savings.
I'm a bit smarter now.
No problem because I've learned a massive lesson, and I'm happy about that.
Despite the ultimate outcome.
And I wear my foolishness on my chest everyday, almost like a badge of reminder.
A reminder to keep my eyes OPEN and follow my gut.
To not be so stupid again, and fall short in the instinct department.
Listen to my loved ones. My mummy, my Queen.

So when I saw this guy Ridge 'faking' his names, his education, his writing, his everything, his poems, I had to put the brakes on him and Jenni Epperson before their heads got any bigger. I mean the guy incorporates music lyrics into his writing. It's nuts! I can't stand when gullible people are fooled by these pompous ass holes who bullshit until there eyes are brown.

Many Filipinos fall victim to these 'blow hards' who lie in order to impress others.
I'm sure we've not heard the last of the 'pretending poodle in DENIAL', but at least we all know the truth about him now. Why would anyone believe a single word he says. Below are just some of the facts I've received. I have over 130 e mails in my 'Ridge' folder. It blows my mind how he's been able to propagate such a fantastical life , fooling all those around him.
Remind you of someone?
That's right readers.

Delfin 'DJ' Montano

He was a BIG 'fraud' way back in 1997-98 during his freshmen year at UP Diliman. He failed all of his subjects in his first semester and got kicked out from UP. Then news went around that he managed to enroll in 2nd semester using 'fake' grade and 'fake' enrollment slip, until they caught him. Then for some weird reason he got into Molecular Biology and Biotechnology the next year. We sure know how he did it! Again he created fake records to get in until they caught him and kicked him out from UP for good.

also from a VERY special (adorable) source-
- young ridge is like the young Voldermort...who-he-must-not-be-named

Dear Readers,

failed his study miserably..had to leave

Yes we've sent this entire cache of information to the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I'm sure they will NOT be surprised to find all of this out. He has a record at that school. We've also put out a request for more information about this shady character with so many names and secret identities. Not to mention the rampant plagiarism coming from him and his slogs.
I'm curious to know just HOW MUCH REAL WORK our little poodle did at Uni, and how much was STOLEN. Even his education is a fraud.

screen shot of copyscape proof..FRAUD!

There are TEN articles (so far) in multiply that are 100% copy pasted.
TEN in friendster What a bloody lunatic you are Poodle!
And your readers should be ashamed for you too.
You fake piece of garbage.
You've done a 'DJ' mate, and you've been caught.

The search results at copyscape are unbelievable.

hope somebody with a premium account could paste a complete list.

For multiply..it has like 5-10 articles that are copy pasted

Fake multiply entries

even more plagiarism,

Dear Ridge,

Mate, WTF?

It's over for you little buddy. Your poodling days are over.
Now scurry on back under your hole where you belong.
You're a complete disgrace to fine 'real' writers everywhere.
You have been uncovered by me as a complete and utter fraud.
I have more posts waiting for you poodle.
Be very careful.
BOTH of you!

The best thing you can do now pillow biter, is to just hide your shame and embarrassment from blog world, by writing about things you really know about.
You know little poods, like your chronic lieing, cheating, scamming, plagiarism, computer hacking, pretending, stalking people, harrassing, intimidating through the 'bluff' and of course modelling! LMFAO poodle.
Once again Ridge, you are VERY ugly.
Inside and out.

So scurry on back to hide behind Ate Jennis apron. She'll protect you. She protects all her retarded little fledglings. Even her manically dishonest, cheating, thieving roosting, rotten egg laying chooks.

bawk bawk bawk.... (that's my chicken, hehehehe)

Who's chickens are coming home to roost now shoppingeras?

YOU know you love me!

ps Kitty Go is teasing us all with her blog entry today. She's obviously preparing a very special entry, but y'all must go there to find out what it's all about. Bet you can guess though peeps.
Kitty ain't taking no prisoners.
And neither am I.
Happy now Ridge?


Ridge is going mental deleting everything from everywhere.
Mate, it's too late as I've already saved them all.
You think I'm dumb mate?
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