12 August 2008

Spoiled ROTTON

Hi Brian,

Firstly, I'd just like to commend you for the courage/guts to divulge the information that you have since the blog was published. It takes a strong person to take on a country like the Philippines which third world as it may be, is full of wealthy families who pretty much control everything.
I have been reading your blog for some time and my sisters and I can only laugh at what we see. While it may be shocking to many, I'm sure that everyone else figured that's how things are done in our country. The children of the wealthy do nothing, but waste the family money and bring shame to their family name, but the parents can only sit back and watch because they too are doing the same thing. They all lie, cheat, have children out of wedlock, steal money etc. I find it even more comical that to the "normal" citizen these people are "heroes" and "role models" simply because they come from a prominent background. Pardon my language, but all these fuckers are uneducated and couldn't even do their own laundry let alone wash a plate.
I was lucky enough to leave the country before getting sucked in to all their nonsense. I do not claim to be rich because I'm not, but my parents both come from illustrious backgrounds. My mother is the cousin of GMA (the current president) and my father worked for the Marcoses. Since leaving the country at the age of 11, I have gone home a total of 4 times and every time I do the things I see still shock me.

I am now 27, supporting myself by working and I have been financially independent since I was 15. What shocks me is how my cousins who are all in their 20s can all be married with children and yet not work. They all live off the family money like its the norm. It boggles me every time I see them when come to visit and see that they are doing nothing with their lives, but simply existing. They go out and waste money and not even worry about getting into trouble because we happen to have an uncle who is a general with the PNP (i won't share his name), so they basically get in as much trouble as they can and not ever worry about getting punished. I have some friends who are in the entertainment industry there (i don't think i need to name names) who are just the same.

Anyway, I just felt compelled to write you after all this time so say kudos for the expose on all these brats. I love my friends and cousins, but I just want to shake them and tell em all to wake up. None of them would ever survive in the real world because they are all too sheltered. I'll share one incident with you: the first time I went home I was 19 and was staying in a relatives house in Forbes Park. I was having breakfast with my relatives and after I finished my meal I got up and took my plate and began walking to the kitchen to wash my plate. I was startled when my cousin said to me, "What are you doing?" to which I answered "clearing my plate" and he gave me a weird look and said "the help can do that." Of course I ignored him and proceeded to go to the kitchen to wash my plate. The maids kept telling me to stop doing what I was doing and I told them back home this is what I do. Aside from that when my cousins wanted a drink they wouldn't even
get up to get it themselves, they would tell the house help to fetch it for them. I could only sit and cringe at how these kids are brought up to have that kind of attitude.

I apologize for the long letter, I could go and on but I'm sure you get the idea. Hope Canada is treating you well.

BTW I heard that Celine is still in San Francisco, I have a friend who knows her and my brother actually saw her up there about a month or so ago.


Julie from California

Dear Julie,

If Celine Lopez is in San Francisco with DJ, them I was right all along. Celine Lopez deserves everything she gets. Celine and DJ have one thing in common. COCAINE. They snorted it for so long, they've both fried their brains. I'm waiting for the first picture of them together. Celine watched DJ walk away with everything of MINE. I don;t know how she can live with herself. I really don't.
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