12 August 2008

Wendy and Vicky and Tim, oh no!

I love you too Dita....kisses

Dear Readers,

I have a HUGE day today. I have some great stuff happening with the blog. Can't tell yet but will reveal all very soon. OK, I'm over Vicky B for the moment so please stop writing to me about her. Hahahahaha. I have enough now. Thank you.


oh Deeta, va va va VOOM!!!!!

wendy p., post surgery?, and guess who? at DVT going away party

Hey Brian I found out about your blog after reading my Bazaar Magazine issue. I was quite shocked and my husband and I have been on the net reading your blog for days now. Then I came across Dr Belo the other day. To cut the story short her qualification as a cosmetic surgeon is none existent.
She claimed to have been in training for lipo with doctor Klein in the US but only for 2.5 days. They will never recommend or endorse her as a surgeon because she’s like a driver who suddenly decided that she too can be NASCAR driver after watching it on TV for 2.5 days. Then she goes on to that show Wowowee proclaiming that she’s surgeon to the stars but its like .... I’d better stop I get really angry watching Wowowee.

Hope you look after yourself don’t be intimidated. If they have people in the Philippines some of us have people in the Philippines as well. We will look after you.

Regards M


Dear M,

I am never intimidated by my enemies or anyone else for that matter. I am fearless in the face of hostility. I'm a fighter and and a survivor with a purpose. Just like everyone else who stays focused and determined, I will succeed.
I know Vicky Belo is a fraud. I know the majority of people in Manila are frauds in one way or another. They take advantage of the poor with their flashes of opulence and caustic disregard for anyone else but themselves. And it's all slowly coming un-done.

My blog is a place for people to go when they want to purge their frustrations on my platform.
I get it. I fear no one or nothing.


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