05 September 2008

Bitch Slapped!

Warning- violence, some may find this video offensive.

This clip is both disturbing and shocking.
But mostly bazaar. It's from a crazy Indian game/reality show.
And I watched it a GABILLION (J's original word, good one J) times.
In fact I've been in a YM conference all night with my posse discussing this clip.
They all agreed.
Post it!

The aim of the show is to humiliate the contestants by any means at your disposal.
But this girl went a bit overboard and wow, I mean wow.
This girl was quite feisty, taking her role very seriously and got a slap in.
She seems to snap.
He really snaps back.
But he also has a hot sort of pornoish look.
Or is it just me?
They all fucking snapped.
Just a whole lot of snapping going on.

And boy did the shit hit the fan.
The guy just slapped her back.
And pandemonium ensued.
I would have slapped her too!
For sure.
If you slap someone like that, regardless of your gender, you should expect one back.
I will totally bitch slap you back, so you had better make it a good one if you dare.
I can assure you that you will feel the sting.
I hate violence but I would always defend myself physically if I had to.
It's human nature.
50/50 right?
On so many levels this clip is fascinating.
Human nature.
It's all so utterly fascinating.
I imagine Celine and DJ in their places.

PS, My first day at work was BRILLIANT!
My new job is a dream come true for me.
Thank you to all the beautiful peeps who wrote and left messages.
I'm a career boy again.
Now I have to save save save save again.
Watch me.
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