06 September 2008

I Heart You

So many people touch me deeply with their amazing acts of kindness and heart filled gestures.
The e mails I get leave me emotional, reminding me why I have so much passion for my blog.

One of my treasured blog reader wrote me personally to find out how she could help.
She wanted to contribute a rather large donation to me.
But you see readers, I'm fine now.
The paypal is gone.
The ads are gone.
I have a full time job now and a great beautiful place to live.
I'll start to save again like millions of other people in the world.
I'm different now. I'm through the storm because of people like this wonderful reader.
Starting over it turns out can be just what the doctor ordered.
I wanted to show you our exchange and hopefully I'll not have to address this again.
The amount of bitter people who have reflected on my paypal with far too much concern, negativity and down right hate for the last five months, can all hush up now.
I'm grateful to every single person who acted unselfishly in order to bring normalcy and some security back into my life.
It worked and now I am better then ever and happier then I've ever been in my life.
Thank you.
Bless you all.

hello brian!

first of all, i hope you are feeling okay.
i decided to e-mail you because i had long wanted to send you some funds (a couple of hundred). I know it's not much, but i hope it can help you even with just some groceries, maybe some organic veggies at sav-on, safeway, or the real canadian superstore (how i miss those supermarkets!!). my problem is, ever since, my amex was used fraudulently and i was charged for items i never even bought (of course, i protested this with amex, and they eventually corrected the situation), i now have a phobia using paypal, the fear of having to give my credit card no!! is there another way i can send it to you from my bank? i realize you may want to keep your personal details private, so i wouldn't mind sending it to a friend that you completely trust. just let me have the details. just in case you are doubtful of my identity or intentions, i am blogger ****, and i only have the best of intentions in trying to help you in whatever small way i can..take care. stay well, **** :)

Dearest ****,

Wow, you are so sweet.
Thank you very much for your kind offer. I have a job now dear and I am earning money again. I don't pay rent for a while so my overheads are light. I have settled in now and my money will be ok now that I work full time.
You offer is very sweet and i am humbled by your kindness.
Please keep the money for yourself. Do something nice with it.
I'm giving your generosity back as a gift to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I've picked up the pieces and my pride is fierce again. Making my own money is wonderful and I love my new job.
So my dear, please know that I am grateful. But I am like many others but much better off in many ways. I'm not as scared as before because my life is on track and I am enjoying my career. When you next have a beer, think if me and i will do the same and make a toast for you and the great person you are. Cheers.

Thank you again.
I am still overwhelmed at the wonderment of human nature.


dear brian,

i am so thrilled to hear from you!!! and communicating with you directly! for a while there, i thought you hadn't received my e-mail. but the busy person that you are, with so much correspondence to attend to, i understand that you could not have possibly replied right away. i am so happy for you, refreshed and recharged in your new surroundings, with a new job, too! thank you for taking the time to reply to my e-mail. i do understand your point. and i respect that. it is so heartwarming to know that inspite of all the trials and pains we all have to go through at some point in our lives, we are able to cope, get back on our feet, and live again!! truly, i am so happy for you. you will always have the support of your loved ones and many, many friends worldwide, me included. i continue to pray for your health and well-being, as any mother would do for her son. i am perhaps, your oldest blogger at 51 hahaha (or airesol could be older than me hahaha, she sounds like a nurturing mom most of the time!!) take care and cheers!!! (i will toast you with a glass of coke zero because i don't drink beer!!)... all the best and good luck with your new job!! if at anytime, you might want to visit vancouver (and i happen to be there at that time of the year), my small, modest place in ******* welcomes you. my family will be honored to meet you personally, and have you as our guest. God Bless you Brian. **** :)

p.s. just thought i should let you know that my brother should be grateful to you. i will instead send him the 200 dollars. he celebrates his **th birthday this october, and is facing tough times ahead, with his beautiful house about to be foreclosed as with many other California residents. we all had so many happy memories in that house, and how i wish there was a way i could have helped him. it is a sad time for his family, but i also know, that like you, they will bravely face life's challenges - and prevail.
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