06 September 2008

Proof of Life

DJ Montano shopping in San francisco.. PAY UP!!!!!!!

Hi Brian,

Guess what? On my way home, I saw him again. My god, he is all over
my area. I think he is the same neighborhood where I live and work
from a good source. This photo was taken of his back, coz he walks
fast, thinking you might be behind him every time. I ran to take a
shot of him but this is all I got. I can never be a camera man.
Next time I see him, I will ask him to pose with me.

A friend of mine saw him also in a Catholic church in the same
neighborhood. DJ attending church?

Maybe soon, I will be rubbing elbows with him since we are in the
same area.

I will update you... :)


Dear DJ,

You see dear, you did the wrong thing.
You took everything I had and fled.
Leaving me with nothing.
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