20 September 2008

FRESH Winners From Blog Awards

Professional Heckler WON!!!!!!

The results are out!

Philippine Blog Awards 2008 List Of Winners (click to read)

Congratulations to every single winner!

Here Are The List Of Winners By Category:

Best Blog Entertainment: The Professional Heckler
Best Blog News: Tonyo Cruz
Best Blog Famuly And Living: D-Spot
Best Blog Sport: BullRunner
Best Blog Business: Pinoy Web Start Up
Best Blog Technology: Pinoy Blogero
Best Blog Fashion and Lifestyle: PinoyGuyguide
Best Blog Commentary: Creature Lover
Best Blog Culture and Arts: GIBBS CADIZ
Best Blog PHOTOBLOG: Lostphotograph
Best Blog VIDEOCAST/PODCAST: CokskiBlue - Pinoy Vlogs, Videos and Vodcasts
Best Blog PERSONAL: Atheista
Best Blog TRAVEL BLOG: Ironwulf.net: En Route
Bloggers Coice Award: Batang Yagit

Dear readers,

I want to wish all the bloggers nominated this year GOOD LUCK!

I saved the list and will look at them all eventually.
So many great blogs.
This Canadian/Australian blogger is happy to be part of the fantastic Philippines blogging community.
Even though I'm not there ... or nominated for anything, I am really happy.
I hope everyone feels great about their own blogs.
Be proud of them because you have been nominated for something which is total and complete validation which we all secretly crave with our blogs.
Don't deny it kids.
It's OK.
All of them are great and worthy of recognition.
Next year I hope to see Kitty's blog and Amiel's Dona Victorina (GREAT blog) nominated as well.

Good Luck to everyone up for an award!

Live Love Laugh!
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