21 September 2008

They're All Winners

emeron suarez performs 'you raise me up'... BIG finale!


Last night I was a judge for Canada's Prettiest Filipina which happens before the Miss Philippines Canada Pageant, and the preliminaries for Kantahan 2008, which is a huge singing competition.

Kesiah Papasin, just one of the beautiful pageant contestants

The Coronation is next month which I'll attend in the same capacity.
The winners of the talent competition will be announced as well.
The winners go to the Philippines.
So they take this pageant VERY seriously here.
I felt as though I were in the Philippines last night.
All we were missing was a balut vendor and a San Mig light.
Really, it was just wonderful.
I loved it!

our three gorgeous finalists for the Coronation Crown

-beautiful blue gown is Anya Ocampo
-ravishing red gown is Kesiah Papasin
-wonderful white gown is Janna Euperio

my fellow judge Tess Cusipag, publisher of Balita newspaper

Judging was hard because the talent was so great.
But this young fella in my youtube clip really moved me.
He was adorable.
I loved his style, courage and tenacity for those high notes, and the way he reaches his tippy-toes for those notes is priceless.
I'm not able to sing, trust me, so I was impressed with the performers.
This kid was special.
They all were.

another wonderful snapshot of talented Pinoy youth
Vincent Velasquez is also a star!

And one more little trooper. Watch his hand movements.
Anthony Manongsong is the superstar!
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