21 September 2008

The Heckler Reigns Over Supreme

the professional heckler.. doing his own thing with integrity and purpose

Dear Readers,

I've just created a new blog list with this years Philippines Blog Awards winners.
You will find it below my current list of favorite blogs. I hope you find even more blogs that you love. I love so many blogs and I'll ALWAYS promote them on my blog.

And having the list of winners is wicked!

I'm sooooooo bloody proud of The Professional Heckler blog.
We started (Lucy, Picklies and myself) to promote it a long time ago in Australia.
I got so much flack for listing it from many people.
But I was right. I knew it was a GREAT blog.

I get flack for almost every decision I make from some person or another.
I'll never win with this blog, but that's OK.
It's that type of blog.
Someone even wrote me and said Heckler was a bit homophobic.
No way!
I would never promote a homophobic blog.
Are you crazy?
This guy is fantastic and he has a classic blog.
I actually thought he was a 'gay' at first because his humor is such that one can be left wondering... who is he?
I really appreciate his humor and his casual cutting style of knee knocking and head banging. No blood. Just words.
I read every single Heckler entry before I put it on my favorite list and so did the blogging organizers for the competition, obviously.
Because he won hands down.
I hope Heckler gets bigger and bigger and becomes the Huffington Post/Drudge Report of the Philippines. Someone should snap him up and pay him for his great work.
Dona Victorina is my other best favorite blog as you all know.
Not because it also discusses topics like Tim Yap/"HIGH" Society and the GG (seems to be a trend) but because I learn so much from his detailed research and hands on approach to his political stories and history lessons.
Plus, I just think Amiel is a great writer.
Always posting wickedly delicious morsels for our consumption.
They are both fantastic.

Belo's own eyes have been Vickized!
Hilarious........from Heckler blog

They're by far the best bitchy straight guy/gay guy/comedic genius/satirist extraordinaire/celebrity spoofer, gossip gangster and watch dog blogs, but with VERY serious edges.
Heckler was up against Tim Yappity Yap Yap Yap and the entire (not so) Supreme Gang from the Star.
Beating an entire gaggle of newspaper hacks (whole section really) is a sweet as hell victory for anyone in blog world.
I hate the Supreme section of the Star.
It deserved to lose.

this is my ex boyfriend Migs who still calls me.... NOT! hahahaha

the only good thing about Supreme... boner making pics of HOT pinoy guys!
OMG Tim Yap is soooo gay. I love it!

It deserved to lose, not only because I despise the Yap (but that is a big part of the reason), but because Supreme reeks of nepotism and ex deals which compromises the integrity of any news organization.
And they know it!
Millet should be fired!
A blog Millet?

I'm against the Star really, for many reasons.
Not because Tim Yap or Celine Lopez or DJ Montano make me want to purge, but because well, it just sucks. It in no way reflects the real Philippines.
In no way!
It's an illusion.
Filipino fantasy.
Silliness for 'grown ups'.
And that's why the BEST man won!
The only real man anyways.
From The Professional Heckler
I'm loving his humble factor!

This is surreal.

I still can’t believe that The Professional Heckler has just won in this year’s Philippine Blog Awards. I actually planned to attend the awards ceremonies at One Esplanade but I forgot to print my e-ticket so I decided to just watch it online. I didn’t expect to win anyway mainly because I was up against Supreme.ph, the site being maintained by Tim Yap and other Philippine Star (society) columnists.

But the judges thought otherwise.

Thank you, thank you judges for the recognition.


NO Heckler... we should all THANK YOU!

what happened Supreme?


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