22 September 2008

My Wonder Dogs

our perfect little girls playing in our park in Sydney

my baby Pickles looking gorgeous and innocent

Lucy, our wonder dog who is a magnificent Ridgeback

It's amazing how great things happen when you need them to the most.
These photos arrived this morning from my ex in Sydney.
Thanks D!

Only last night in bed I was drifting off and thinking about my Australian dogs Lucy and Pickles and a best friend whose father has just died (he was very old).
My ex seems to know just when I need him, and reminders of my other life.
My old life in Oz.
I wish I could be there for my friend Jules though. I pride myself at being around for my mates, so not being there is difficult for me.
It's a very country Australian thing through and through.
Country people really are a very humble lot.
My sort of people. I blended perfectly in the rain forest.
And on Boracay.
And pretty much wherever in the world I decide to live.
It just comes so easy to me as a person.
No sweat.

It hurts to be so far from your mates in their time of need.
It really pains you inside knowing how much joy they are capable of giving and vice versa, but you are unable to, in the physical sense. I could make things better for her.
Losing a parent is tough.
I hope I die before my mother for sure.
It's selfish I know, but I want her eyes to be the last ones I ever look at before I'm done. She is a strong powerful women and she could handle it no prob.
But I never want her to go first.
Mummy taught me what tough really is.
I'm pretty tough, except for that.
My dear sweet Grandmother is ancient and so I hope the same will be true for my mom.

Just a super duper hug from me is the best medicine if you're feeling blue and my friend Jules knows that. I hug her on the phone. Not the same.
If my dogs looked sad I would hug them and whisper in their ears how much I loved them.
Immediately they'd start loving me back with their eyes.
And my dogs eyes are just dreamy and soothing and hug me back.
Holding them tight makes everything better.
When I need things to be better.
Which happens of course.

I'm also thinking of the thousands upon thousands of Filipinos who work and live away from their loved ones. I get hundreds of letters a week.... still!
I wonder why they're so often ridiculed by the rich and upper classes.
A bizarre inferiority complex perhaps?

The overseas workers are the ones who are making the supreme sacrifice so there family may live well.
I always think about the Filipinos who do most of the work.
And the others who do nothing but live off the fat of someone else's hard work (or criminal tomfoolery in most cases).

Greatness in heaven is held back for those who keep the countries head above the waterline. The thieves, bandits and corrupt criminals go to the hot place.

I lack a bit of joy at the moment which is normal.
Being away from my boyfriend is very difficult.
My heart is bursting from my chest.

Can't always be jumping through hoops.
I'm looking forward to my first family Christmas in Thunder Bay for twenty five years.
Tons of joy there.
And one bitchy sister!
Lots of Christmas trees, prezzies and food.

My ex partner in Australia is the greatest daddy to the dogs which is the only way I could have left them behind.
I had the dogs for eight years on the farm pretty much by myself.
Daddy2 would fly up on the weekends.
He's enjoying them so much in the city now full time.
I love my ex partner and our beautiful dogs.
We were a family for so long. It's all I knew.
I lived a very sheltered life.
I spent almost half of my life with him until it ended.
We created a family together with our animals.
We had over a dozen dogs and many cats over the two decades.

me loving an elephant in Bangkok

I adore all animals, big and small.
My wonderful neighbour Wilfred on Boracay had a monkey next door.
I loved his monkey but was quite sure it would scratch out my eye one day, so I kept my distance.
So apart from monkeys, I'm so there to pet/cuddle/hug/kiss pretty much anything with legs or a snout or a tail. I don't care what it is. I love animals.
In Thailand I fell in LOVE with an gorgeous elephant.
Leaving her was hard.
I swear she understood me and looked deep into my eyes.
I fed her a truck load of pineapples.
Spent all the money in my pocket.
The boyfriend made me stop.

I adore my ex partner and he adores me.
We are still living happily ever after.
Just not with each other.
We have our dogs to bind us together still.
Our heart strings.
He is very happy that I have a new deeply treasured love with my boyfriend.
He supports me fully and wants only my/our happiness in life.
He'll meet my boyfriend soon and that will be a wonderful day indeed.
Things are really coming together for me.
One by one.

Live Love Laugh

ps-I was going to do a video blog today but I have a big pimple on my forehead! Hahahahaha. Sorry J! Maybe on Friday it will be gone.

a rather small snake in Lankawi, Malaysia
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