03 September 2008

Guess Who?

from HER official website,

"Sensual, lively, honest", "Sprightly child-like charm", "Blossoming Chameleon…a photographer's muse", "A true Gemini, multi faceted", these are the phrases best used and heard to describe the newest artist arrival on our west coast shores… ******* ***** without a doubt is the next burgeoning "star" and triple threat to be reckoned with.

********* story reads like a textbook example of every talented young artists dream. Long before she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan and People Asia magazine, hosted MTV Asia's "Most Wanted" and interviewed Ricky Martin and Mariah Carey, landed a recording deal with Sony Music, or found herself one of the most recognizable faces in Asia as a wildly popular model, ******* had a simple goal: to be a multi- faceted artist. She has achieved that goal several times over.

Discovered by an agent in a mall at the age of 16, ******* (known simply by her legions of fans as "G") began working immediately, as a model, adding film /television actress, singer, dancer, television personality, and recording artist to her list along the way.

********* current wave of success not only in her home country but abroad, (She garnered a Best supporting actress award for the Manila Film Festival and was chosen to represent the Philippine film community at the Toronto Film Festival) has brought her to Los Angeles to continue to pursue her career, specifically in film and television.

She is the epitome of racial diversity, her mother being Filipino and her father- Swiss. This Eurasian is usually mistaken for a Latina- in fact in the play "Days when cocaine was king" which was staged at the Renegade Theatre in North Hollywood she played the lead role of Juanita, a singing salsa dancer who falls for a white boy. The Daily Variety heralded "***** radiates such a deep sensuality…".

......since when is body odour sensual?
......could you be more full of yourself dear?
......I mean, wildly popular? Legions?
                        more like a spoilt rotten bully.
......Did I miss something here?
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