03 September 2008

Isabella Ana Estella..BOOOOOOOOO

Isabella Estella,  no conscience whatsoever

Dear Isabella,

Are you sniffing glue?
Or cocaine?
Or both at once?

How on earth can you be seen carrying such a disgusting piece of rubbish bag?
Is it the Imelda Marcos clutch from the Imelda Marcos collection?
Isabella, you make me sick to my stomach.
It makes perfect sense when you see this picture of Isabella.
Shame on you, you ditzy anomaly.

I guess the Marcos didn't kill anyone from your family right you air head?
I guess Imelda didn't have any of your family friends tortured, right?
You think you are being clever and stylish carrying this piece of trash bag?
You look pathetic and ridiculous.
And now you're on my radar you messed up fashion disaster.
I hope people boo you on the streets for carrying that bag.

I'm sure you were pretty before you held this bag for a picture.
But now I just think you're a totally ugly person.
Like your abominable Imelda Marcos bag.
Think twice next time.
Think perhaps about your fellow countryman and women.
You know love, the ones that Imelda had murdered over such a long period of time.
You are proud to have a bag with a murderer on it?
Do you think you are being stylish Isabella?
What an unfortunate joke you are.
Like Imelda.
And that mega ugly bag.

Yes think twice.
In fact dear, why don't you try thinking period?
Because you obviously left your two brain cells at home the night you decided to laugh in the face of every Filipino who suffered under the Marcos regime.
YOU Isabella, are what's wrong with the Philippines.
Stay at home you useless fashion nightmare.
Is Jennivitch your stylist?
Just asking because it looks like something she would whip up.
A complete tragedy!

Isabella, you may think you look smart holding this bag, but I can assure you love, that you are as big a joke as the person depicted on it.

Isabella, do you have no shame? Do you have a conscience? Do you have a single brain cell in that head of yours?

HOW could you EVER carry an Imelda Marcos bag? 
YOU are a BAD Filipina.

Please visit Victorina blog for the full list of home grown Filipino disasters.
And oh my gawd, Misterhubs is SOOOOOOO killer funny today. You must read his new entry! I TRIPLE love Misterhubs. He's a great writer and I wish I was as good as him. He's a natural born writer.
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