03 September 2008

Who Is 100% Filipino?

Dear Readers,

My new job starts in less then 48 hours.
My dream job, yet I'm not nervous at all.
I still can't believe it though.
I found the job. I wanted it, went for it hard, and got it.
My resume was excellent and my years on the farm really paid off.
If you want something that bad, you just will it to happen.
Positive feelings.

I've also been asked to work at the brand new HUGE Filipino restaurant/bar/reception hall across the block from us. It opens next week. We went there the other day, and it was full of Filipinos preparing the space. Everyone was so wonderful to me and made sure I was shown around and made to feel at home. My Filipino friends here are so great. Every Filipino I've met here has been just the best. No hang ups.

The comments lately have been great. I've felt the need to defend my opinion however, which is good I suppose because it means that I'm dealing with some intelligence at long last. I love the opinions of others as long as a death threat is not attached.
It's so easy for people to base everything on crab mentality in Manila. In Australia, it's called tall poppy syndrome. Here in Canuckland it's called something else. Something to do with moose antlers I think. Or a beavers tail?
So for goodness sakes, It's not just a Pinoy thing. It's a global thing and every country has there own name for it.
Only lazy people with lazy minds and lazy memories lean on this crab crutch to explain away all the painful realities in Filipino society and those who choose to voice their own thoughts and feelings with regards to it. If you don't like what you hear, it's crab.
If someone writes or talks about you (for various deserved reasons) it's crab.
Crab crab crab.
It's truth and some hate it.
And others who dismiss my opinions merely because I'm not a Filipino are well, misguided and ignorant because I don't want to be a Filipino nor do I claim to be like a Filipino. I'm a very proud Canadian/Australian. I admire Filipinos because they have been through so much as a nation. I'm just a really interested guy. We live in a globalized reality now and the world borders are blurred. Just like some people who continue to live with their heads in the sand.
As long as I have the solid support from my Queen and my Boyfriend and my mum and Filipino friends, I shall continue with my blog.

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