28 September 2008

It's True

terribly up beat and positive this month

Some people can't understand why I'm supporting the Supreme Extreme Awards.
And some others are having difficulty differentiating between sarcasm and humor.

Hey, give me a break here...
Are you kidding me?
It's just a bit of fun right?
I won't even be there for goodness sakes.
But I have a feeling it will be done well.

FINALLY, someone is confirming what I've been saying for nine months.
And that someone happens to be Supreme.
It could have been anyone.
But it's Supreme, so......
It's all good from this end!
I'll support anything or anyone who nominates DJ Montano as The Villain of the year.
I mean, you have to see this shizz through my eye's.
Don't question me please.

It's my story, not yours.
I need my lump of sugar thank you very much.
And this new award category is indeed very sweet to my palate.
And if Supreme is the one who has created these rather interesting awards, well then there you go.
I need to have some fun too you know.
And I could be crucified at these awards, so it's a risk on my part too.
This could be Tim's grand plan to humiliate me in front of everyone.
So you see, it's all a bit of fun for me.
And it should be fun for everyone involved.
And in case I become involved or nominated for anything, I have to be prepared.
So it's serious as well, for sure.
This is an opportunity for some fun and good old fashion competition and nomination.
That's all.
This has nothing to do with how I feel about particular people and the section itself.
My point of view has credibility, as it should.

The twists and turns in blog world are never ending.
So before you tear me a new hole for my decision to support these awards, save it please.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Manila needs it.
And I'll revel, regardless of who is responsible for it.
I deserve to see DJ's picture on this Villain list.
Please let me have this one thing!

Some lurkers have to STOP being so cruel with your comments as well.
There is no need for such language and some of the stuff you write is unsettling to say the least.
I want to post some of them, but then you ruin it with a stupid ignorant homophobic remark at the end which discredits you completely!!!! I will not publish comments that attack my sexuality. Thousands of people read the blog and many of them are gay.
I will not let you ruin their outlook with your hate and malnourished minds.
God made me great and he made me GAY.

Deal with it!
He obviously has.
Because He keeps creating us... by the millions.
God created many hundreds of thousands of beautiful gay and lesbian Filipinos.
Thank you God.

leave homophobia out of your comments and I will post them.
It's truly dumbing down the nation as a whole.
I'm being very fare with the comments. Most left are against me and my views and I post them so...
I'm being as fare and balanced as I can at this point.
But some people are truly hateful and evil.
I suppose it takes all kinds to make up His world.
I'm GAY.
We know!
Stop being so evil about it.

I'm still not sure if he is being considered a villain because he stole my money... OR because if it weren't for him, this blog would never have begun. But it don't matter to me at this point readers.

It's all good.

It can't all be doom and gloom kiddies.

A VERY good friend from Manila told me yesterday that I should relax a bit and not be so angry at certain people. Now this person is very smart and I do everything she tells me pretty much, so this morning I woke up feeling a bit different. I'm truly blessed to have my Manila friends who remind me daily how loved I am.
So we'll see.

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