28 September 2008

Scammer STILL in Hiding

...........but which one?



Please read Victorina blog today.
Here's a teaser from today's entry,

OK then, allow me to construe my own hasty conclusions on the DJ Montano fiasco.

Firstly, DJ Montano is as guilty as HELL unless he can establish with receipts, how he spent Gorrell's MONEY.

Second, the Makati Police should be held culpable for holding Gorrell. Any lawyer would attest that it was utterly wrong to hold Gorrell for questioning for more than 8 hours for a measly “Unjust Vexation” case- Ha...!

I've "unjustly vexed" more people in my life than you can ever imagine.

And lastly is the principle of “command responsibility”. DJ Montano was a columnist and his editor was there. Later on, we see JM Rodriguez testifying that a certain Jackie Antonio saw money stashed in Montano’s bag so “they decided to leave the scene”.

Again, any decent lawyer can easily make them accessories to the crime.

A Russian proverb says it all; Tell me who's your friend and I'll tell you who you are!

I almost died when I saw my story there today.
It's still like it's not me being written about.
Victorina took me back to the Makati Police Station, The Intercontinental, Celine, Jackie, Marcel and the whole nine yards. They turned my life into a fucking nightmare from that day forward.
But one thing they did not do, is to stop my dream of living in the Philippines.
I was determined that they NOT take that away from me.
And they didn't, even with the numerous threats I received.
And the BFF's who watched me being annihilated financially by their friend.
Without a single regard or concern, but for that of themselves.
They still have everything, but I lost everything.
But do they really have everything now?
Do they?
And what do I have?

It's too strange sometimes.
......... Then I remember I've no savings now.
And then it all comes back to me in a bright flash.
I had some savings once.
Before him.
DJ Montano snatched away my security and for that he's paid a handsome price.

A pariah extraordinaire!
Villain #1 hands down.
So please vote and make me the happiest chappy in the whole wide world.

Amiel's entry is 10000% bang on!
And now DJ is nominated for Villain of the Year at the Supreme Extreme Awards.
This Sunday could not have been better for me.
So far it's a ten/ten!

My day is SOOO great, I'm about to do a video blog which will address all the people who are unhappy with me over my 'religion' post. Like some of you are being a little too sensitive.
Come on peeps, you know me and you know I'm not always tactful.
I'm a fierce advocate for gay rights and I'm deadly against homophobia of any kind.
I can hardly embrace something that is completely against my way of life.
Lets not forget that I'm a fully paid up, baptised and confirmed Christian.
How long has it been now.... almost nine months and 650 entries later.......
Chill pills need to be swallowed I think.
It's only ever my opinion.
Now tuck your hurt feelings away and let's start over.
God is great.
We all know that.
Now r.e.l.a.x.

You all remember when DJ and his family went on Korina's show.
One of the best days of my life.
HOW did he think he was going to turn the tide in his favour?
I would have never let that happen.
I was asked to join the taping via the telephone from my farm in Australia.
And Gigi and Korina were being VERY persuasive, if you know what I mean.
One can barely resist the gorgeous Gigi Grande.
But I did.
I felt something deep in my stomach that said don't do it.
"It's a sleazy Montano trap", I thought and told them.
"Let him dig his own grave", I said feeling very cocky at the time knowing I was making the right decision for myself.
I got crap for it, but I was right.
"I'm not going to scream down the phone lines and look a fool", I told Korina.
Because at that point I had no control over my rage.
I was in a complete state.
They finally understood that I was NOT going to be on the show.
No way, no how.

Now........believe or not, I have total control over my life.
My job is the most fullfiling I could ever have.
My work mates are fantastic.
My life has never been better, but I'm STILL pretty bitter that I lost the entire bloody lot to one meek, quiet,gentle,fragile little Montano!
He's nothing but an act.
An act he's perfected throughout the years.
That's why I worry about others who may fall prey to his devastating charm.
He really is VERY good at what he does.
I was mad for him a million times over.
COMPLETELY besotted.
I gave him everything he ever wanted or asked for.
The lot.
I also understand why others are too embarrassed to come forward with their own stories about him. They've walked away from their money, like DJ always knew they would. Not defeated so much as aware.
After all, he's a MONTANO!

But, I knew the truth back then as I know it now.
I've always had truth on my side.
The Lord covering my back.
And DJ knew that too......because I told him AND his mother that God was holding my hand everyday......so.
That drove Aurora nuts.
She couldn't use her "I'm a good Christian woman" thingy on me.
I threw it right back in her face.
And their lawyer, who also went all biblical on my ass.
No way!
Fight fair, without bringing God or religion into it.
Neither of these things have anything to do with it.
They use religion for everything.
No one takes responsibility anymore.
They hide behind their belief system.
It's not fair.
It's cheating.
I've had to learn the Filipino way from scratch.
And I have.

I'll never understand why Montano went on television when I already had the weekly radio show with Magic 89.9 at that time.
Stupid decision on his part, but a massive boost to my drive and endurance for the real story which was to unfold when I posted my Western Union receipts the day after they denied having had received them.
Just a big bunch of liars.
The entire disgraced Montano clan.
I gave DJ and his mother (after all, he involved her when he panicked) MONTHS to pay me back before I went public.
Almost six.
I warned them all that I would not rest.
The thing is, they're so familiar with threatening their own kind.
I'm not a Pinoy and their tricks and power plays had no effect on me.
Smoke and mirrors, and now everyone knows they can stand up to these idiots who are used to having their own way always.
But this guy ain't no one trick pony.
I don't shrivel under attack.
It empowers me.
No matter where it comes from.
I fight back with everything I've got.
I've shown that to be true many many times.
And I'll continue to guide my blog in the fashion that I see fit.
Leaving behind me a littered trail of discombobulated enemies and haters.

Aurora and Marvili Montano knew too, that DJ scammed me. You could see it in their eye's. They all knew that DJ was a thief and responsible for scamming millions from others. They watched his restaurants go belly up, one after another, leaving people devastated and broke.
But THEY were (and still are) too afraid to do or say anything.
Not I.
Profits were snorted obviously.
He was a complete failure in business.
Enderun College fired him not only because of my blog, but because there were rumors that he was interfering with his pupils. He was having sex with his students.
DJ had sex with a ton of guys it seems at school.
I have e mails which could cause BIG problems for DJ and the College.
But I have nothing against Enderun.
They expelled/fired DJ as they should have.

DJ even owes dead people money.

And he thought they would not chase him.
More on that later......

Marvili deposited many thousands of dollars I sent to her brother directly into his account.
THOUSANDS and thousands of dollars.
Before I had arrived back to live on Boracay, I had already sent 57,000 bucks.
THAT was for my living expenses?
What about the money I REALLY took out of my ATM for my living expenses on Boracay..AFTER I had actually moved there SIX months later.
That money I sent him over the previous months was long gone by then.
The scam started to unravel pretty quickly once I started demanding answers to my questions.
Very quickly indeed.
Like five hours later at the Makati police station.
That quick peeps.
My money was used to re pay a five year old, very overdue loan which DJ's family was being threatened over. It was about to hit the paper's we're told.
I was scammed by the BEST scammer in Philly.
Delfin DJ Montano!
Simple as that.

WHY would I send that money when I was not planning on living in Boracay for another SIX months? And all the rest! I started sending him money ONE week after arriving back in Australia from my first trip to Boracay.
He was THAT good peeps.
Money for our dreams.
Our restaurant.
travel company.
His entire Korina story was bullshit and fabricated.
He had weeks to plan it out.
And he FAILED because he lied throughout he entire show and it was so obvious!
I mean, come on here peeps.
The son of a bitch STILL owes me the 70,000 dollars he scammed.
There was NO way I was going to slink off into the sunset without justice.
Cowboy justice, just like the Philippines.

The disgraced Montano clan thought they were being clever that day.
But it was Korina who was clever.
She helped me in a million and one ways with her questions to him and his untruthful cohorts/family members.
And so that day, my blog was truly born.
It was DJ's turn for the spotlight that day.
And of course the "Grandmother of all Scams", Aurora Montano.
The Art of War.
Montano never read it.
Apparently neither did she.
But I did.



Is it true that Celine is getting fat?
That's what I'm hearing.
I want to see.... hehehehehe.
If anyone deserves to 'plump out', it's her.
She's put on some pounds.
She must be off the blow now.
It happens. I swear most people snort the shit to stay thin,
but then what about Tinio?
Good for you Lopez!
But don't get too porky on us.
No one likes a fatty Celine.
Except for Loreal of course.

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