01 September 2008

Kuris Animation

screen shot from Kuris Animation

Dear Readers,

It so gratifying when you see results. Any results.
I can't put up every piece of media referring to the blog for obvious reasons. And I rarely read them myself because I still find it all very strange. My CEO finds, collects and archives everything that's been written. I couldn't possibly keep track of every mention.
But this one is very special.
Because I love Kuris Animation for many reasons. I had no idea the feed back would be so big when I discussed them and their brilliant little animated film on the blog. But it was. Dozens of people wrote me personally with their feelings and thoughts about the film which led to a chat room and so on.
Many things happen because of the blog that I never mention.
Kuris Animation is a gift.
Like their magical little film The Bequest.
Please visit their site and see for yourself the great future and promise they bring to the Philippines arts community.
For those who have not watched the film, here it is again.
It's beautiful.

Kuris Animation
please click to visit

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