01 September 2008

Thrilled To Be 'A Gay'

being gay is my blessing from God who wants our happiness always

Dear Brian,

It's been weeks since you've mentioned us in your blog and posted our project. a lot of people in the Internet reacted positively and gave us warm messages. a local newspaper in even made a news article about us in your blog...i mean you're a big thing for sure that's why people all over the Philippines are talking about you when they start opening the Internet. your blog gave a bigger spotlight for our group and our passion...we are very grateful for your kind words. 

But you know, this is the Philippines and it is still the place of some ugly-hearted entities who are judgemental, negative-thinking homophobics. in the past week, there are several comments and emails we received that directly puts down you as a homosexual or gay... that's the problem with this country, some ugly-hearted people try to put down others and discredit them due to their sexual preference without considering the good or significant things they can do like you. they seemed like underestimating your capacity and the good things you do with your blog just because you're gay. These kind of insignificant people really makes this country rotten and ugly. they won't admit that talented gay like you is gifted and can do great things. 

But my group mates understands me, they knew right before we started this group about my personality and i don't want to hide anything from them. so whatever I do for our group--they believe me and trusted my opinions. my perseverance brought our group to the next level and we made history together.

fact is, i just don't want these people to live with their mediocrity and shallow mentality. truth is, gays have become powerful and far more talented than ordinary humans these days. i think gays are far more artistically superior than most other sexes which others won't admit. But you know, there's always a rule of equality in this world...and everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
We deleted all the negative comments in our blog about the way they put you down as a gay man. truth is, you are far more popular than their tiny, insecure ego-rotten asses! these people have nothing to do but judge those that shines better than their losing existence. they are certified losers, envious and worthless.

so I just don't want their insignificant comments to appear in our blog just because you hailed our group. I believe there are some people who are so hungry, desperate to be hailed and appreciated by as big as you...the only thing they don't have is "real talent". so they resorted in mocking and discrediting great people like you.

life is like a wheel...it spins all the time. the good thing about us right now is we are above them.

have a great day friend...

I just think this is the most perfect letter I've ever received.
I mean, I'm practically speechless, and that never happens.
I'll always support Filipino art and Filipino/Filipina artists.
And some will always hate the gays.
Sad but true.
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