09 September 2008

The Mac Koolaid.. I Drank It!

my fierce Xsubi sun glasses

I'm addicted to my macbook.
Ever since I got him, I'm crazy for him.
My mac is a guy.
A best mate really.
His name is Mellow.

Our Mac store in Toronto is under renovation but it's touted to be the worlds best when it opens next month. The entire interior wall surface will be sheets of sound absorbing steel.
I can't wait for it.
If you have a mac and need to learn about it, they will provide 52 classes for 100 dollars. One hour a week for one year!
Can you imagine how much you'd learn in 52 hours?
I thought that was super cheap. And you don't have to stay in the store. You can go to Starbucks and take your lesson!!!!
I've died and gone to heaven.

I'm very lucky because I get an iPhone with my job package.
So I'll have another toy to play with and master.
My whole life has been 'macafied'.

I've been going to mactown for unofficial 'maclasses' before work (they start classes at 6AM) and it's the best.
The people who work there are crazy and fun to be around. Although they all have "muta" in their eyes which is funny. They all look beat! At 6AM!

Most people who go there have problems both small and huge and it takes a certain kind of person who can stand around and calm people down and fix their problems all day. I'm really impressed with the staff and if I ever open a new business (twelve months) I want people like them working for me. They act like they are your best friend and you've known them forever. It's alarming at first, but by the time you're finished, you feel as though you've actually made a new friend.
Just great.

The guys don't have to shave and they can wear shorts and cool shoes.
The girls are hip and cool and dress like college kids.
Of course there is a Filipino working there too.
You can find a Filipino here within twenty feet I swear.
It's the best. On the subway, I see so many different people and talk with them sometimes depending on how I feel.
Just out of the blue, they will chat with you.
Unless you look like a serial killer, I just smile politely.

There is this girl who works at mac.
I just went up to her and asked her if she was Filipino because I just knew she was.
Her name is Christine and she was born here.
She was so sweet (a bit shy even here), and we had a great time laughing about how stupid I am with the Mellow.

There is no point fighting technology.
I have to learn.
I have to keep up.
We have embraced technology, because of the good and great things we derive from it. But there is also the bad side which we sometimes come across as well.
But we have to deal.
All of us. Because you can't have the good without some bad too.
Until now I've only known the basics on my computer.
But now I could launch a space shuttle.

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