11 September 2008

Sea Lice.. Bawawawawawawa!!!!!

not nice sea lice

A sea louse (plural sea lice) is a name given to any oceanic stinging larvae, which includes many juvenile cnidarians (notably Linuche unguiculata), and isopods. On humans, contact with the skin can seem similar to a dull jellyfish sting and cause a rash.

Dear Readers,

Once I had a terrible case of sea lice. It was the most uncomfortable thing I had experienced, at the point in my life (besides a bull ant bite on my pinky toe).
But I know someone who had a bull ant bite his penis!
And it grew to be five times in normal size.
We actually watched it swell to the size of a melon.
The poor guy was flipping out.
It took nearly 24 hours for it to go back to normal.
We felt sorry, but we laughed our asses off.
Poor Alex.
He drank a whole bottle of vodka.
By himself.

I came home from holidays and ran to my doctor thinking I had some horrible disease.
My body was covered in spots (EVERYWHERE) and a dash to the doctors took place where hysterics ensued.
My mother was laughing but I was not.
I itched so bad I was crying from the stress of it.
I didn't sleep for nearly 50 hours.
I was going mental from the itching.

Two days later and a bit of super duper rash cream, and it was all gone.
Thanks Dr. David!
I HEART you.

Dear Readers,

If you ever go in the ocean and come out feeling odd and a bit itchy.
Well, it only gets worse.
Trust me.
See your doctor immedialtely.
And get that cream!

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