28 September 2008

Naughty Cebu Pacific

Dear Readers,

This from a very cross passenger,


Don’t get me wrong. I met people who worked with/for Cebu Pacific. They are nice bunch of people... not to mention, VERY PROFESSIONAL. Like earlier, I called one of their Heads, Charlie Manio. He was VERY apologetic and will get into this case.. Thanks, Charlie!

But here’s the deal. After getting TONS of Promo emails from them, I finally got sucked in and bought 2 round trip tickets (Cebu-Manila-Cebu).

Kudos to their IT Department really knows their stuff: it was easy to do (AKA Idiot friendly) and very convenient.

HOWEVER, everything got messed up in the Check-in process:
1. To Cebu: I have the habit to be in the airport 2 hours before (yes, I am a geek! Hehe). But upon boarding, they issued our seats to other passengers! Are they encouraging share-seating with others? Is “Bonding” part of their promo?

2. To Manila:
a. They closed all check-in counters for their lunch break! HUH?! What the hell is going on?! Social interaction encouraged? It’s like a department store shoo-ing all customers away so they’ll share lunch! Unheard of!

b. They changed their flight schedule. Understandable. But cancelling 3 flights to sit everyone together (flights from 10am to 4.25pm) is NOT UNDERSTANDABLE! Are we taking a shuttle ride from Makati to some unknown province? Dang!

c. Another instance is that since a lot of us were complaining, the pseudo Supervisor (Joseph Van Llenos) turned his back against us and called one passenger “Animal”. In Cebuano, it is VERY demeaning and insulting.

d. The staff would give us all excuses and reasons – and eventually contradict themselves. Why lie?

Seriously, why are they offering promos to passengers? Why can’t they focus in training their Front Liners first? Why do they make the passengers feel so low?

Having aired out my frustration, I would like to warn: “Good luck to those flying with Cebu Pacific!” – IT IS TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!

Sigh. Still 12.45pm and already in the airport... 3 more hours to go.

I feel for you K.

I HATE when the airlines bullshit you.
You bought the ticket and there should be no hassles.
Time is money, and
they waste your time, therefore.....

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