07 September 2008

Very True

the fairy goddess

Hi Brian,

first of all i would like to thank you for keeping me company and entertained during my difficult moments after giving birth. in the middle of February i gave birth to my second daughter, it became complicated that for the whole month to follow i was literally in bed. i came across your blog while i was reading about gretchen barreto at the Phil star website (yes the RATS!) somebody made a comment and provided your link. the post was about Tina Tinio, i recognized her from her shu eumura write ups so proud to say that some brushes cost by the thousands, my thought was if you are really ugly not even fairy godmother's wand can do wonder on your face....

from then on i got hook, i even made a donation on your paypal and when my husband saw the statement of account he thought you are like neiman marcus or bergdorf goodman and even asked me if i will have an Australian breakfast (cereals+reading your blog) or a dinner down under (beef or pork + reading your blog). lovely characters were born out of your blog especially tita bading of the world, suemesue and the gossips of ctrading. so many times i want to join in the word war but have to put a little of constraint because having a postpartum stress (depression) is not easy but you are very good companion though.

I thought I will wait for the right moment, i hope it is not too late for me to say that i am a TEAM BRIAN member, albeit a silent one. i feel bad for what happen but looking at you now and how the blog progress, i can't help feeling so proud of you. you may not get your money back but you gained so much more than what you've lost.

Good luck brian.

I loved this e mail.
It's never too late!
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